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  1. tonyvaughn

    C Series Parts

    How much for rear render and tool box where fender attaches to?
  2. Will this work on a 1974 C-160 auto
  3. Hello I have a 1974 C-160 and I am interested in a hitch, I live in Maryland. Are you still offering the hitches and if so how much would a hitch be for my tractor? Thank you, Tony
  4. tonyvaughn

    42ST01 shaft bearings

    Thanks to all for the great information, this is actually my first time sending in a request for some help on this forum. What a great resource to have, Bob I will give you a shout or stop by over the next couple weekends. Tied up this coming weekend. I am looking for all (3) pulleys, chain sprocket, bearings on both ends of the shaft and a chain, I did read your post Bob which seems much more cost effective. Talk to you soon.
  5. Hello, I have a 1974 C-160 automatic with a 42ST01 snow blower that I am in the process of rebuilding. Had to use a torch to remove both outer shaft bearings and tooth sprocket which I am going to replace? My question is are both outer bearings the same or do they have a different part number, also is there anything special about the pulleys, I would like to purchase all new pulleys, sprockets and chain. Any part numbers or places to purchase these items would be much appreciated other then Toro. Thanks