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  1. Aldon


    That set up is worth 2-2500 if it runs well and is as good as it looks in photo. Commonly 1500 without the rear PTO and add to that a 3 point rear deck. Of course if you can get it for less, you will have gotten a nice deal.
  2. Dont throw away Skittles!!!! Lol
  3. I will say that I have taken several of these GT14’s apart and in 80 percent of the cases I find that someone has been in there previously and left the woodruff key out. It it makes a difference but I was never able to get to get the friction as sticky as I would prefer.
  4. My favorite model. Good to see another get refreshed.
  5. Aldon


    Ritchie, you do fine work. As does your son. count me in:-)
  6. FYI, You can get the sleeve adapter on eBay.
  7. Aldon

    Happy Birthday Richie

    Happy birthday friend!
  8. Looks better without the garbage bags on front wheels. Seriously though....it’s awesome.
  9. It will depend on the demand, especially in your area, as well as just how ambitious and complete the restoration your doing actually is. In in some cases, folks clean them up and paint....in some they tear it completely down and rebuild engine and tranny and new hardware.... Either way is good but depending it would change the value in my opinion. And I have seen that with Wheel Horses it’s similar to Classic Cars. If you go the more comprehensive restore, you will have more into it than the market will often pay.
  10. Aldon

    Happy Birthday Lane!!

    I’ll be fashionable and give you a late shout out as well!
  11. Aldon

    Good Wheel Horse showing at CNY Farm Progress Show

    About 40 minutes. I’m in Corinth.
  12. Aldon

    Good Wheel Horse showing at CNY Farm Progress Show

    Yet another event near to me I have been ignorant of. Well if I don’t relocate maybe I’ll catch it next year. Thanks for posting it.