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  1. Agree. Balances the look with muffler out the other side.
  2. Aldon

    Happy Birthday Stevebo

    Hope you have a memorable birthday Steve!
  3. Aldon

    Yet another New Horse Hauler

    Nice Rig Ritchie! Hope you figure out how to permanently disable that auto Start/stop. I absolutely hate vehicles that have that operational. Always feels like I’ve been lightly rear ended as I start to take off again.
  4. Hope you had a great celebration of your individual holiday Jim!
  5. Aldon

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    The terminals on the ends of the cables match the ones commonly found on lawn and tractor batteries. That system looks like it’s a points system. From limited side view.
  6. Aldon

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    Yes. Still is semiconductor. Cover the whole US in addition to Malta. Live in Corinth.
  7. Aldon

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    Maybe you can drop by in spring and we can talk tractors.
  8. Aldon

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    That is the correct bracket for the dependent style that uses the draw bar over transmission tunnel. Basically it shares the cylinder that lifts the deck or blade implements. The independent set up is slightly different I believe. That allows a separate second cylinder that allows independent use.
  9. Aldon

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    Just remember that it’s a Cat 0 3 point. As far as attachments, I did a thread on adding the more modern attach-a-matic brackets. So that can free you to run a more modern 48” deck. And I was able to run a 60” C195 style deck as well. The 3 point tiller can be a bit challenging to find in decent condition. And the speed of the tines makes tilling somewhat slower than some would like. It’s my favorite model and I have tinkered with them quite a bit but for mowing, like @oldredrider, I prefer a smaller tractor, C160 8 speed for mowing as the GT14 is a bit large for my yard and not as nimble.
  10. You and yours are in my prayers.
  11. Aldon


    That set up is worth 2-2500 if it runs well and is as good as it looks in photo. Commonly 1500 without the rear PTO and add to that a 3 point rear deck. Of course if you can get it for less, you will have gotten a nice deal.
  12. Dont throw away Skittles!!!! Lol
  13. I will say that I have taken several of these GT14’s apart and in 80 percent of the cases I find that someone has been in there previously and left the woodruff key out. It it makes a difference but I was never able to get to get the friction as sticky as I would prefer.
  14. My favorite model. Good to see another get refreshed.