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  1. pgiro

    D160 Front Rims

    Thanks for the advice. A search for "D series front hubs" didn't turn up anything useful.
  2. pgiro

    D160 Front Rims

    Would like to replace the front rims on my D160. Are there new off the shelf rims available to replace these instead of trying to find old WH rims in good condition? They would need to have the slots for the wheel weight bolts. I'm assuming they must be fairly generic rims right? The D160 has 1" spindles. Thanks in advance for any info. PG.
  3. It almost looks like someone crimped the two pieces together but I could be wrong.
  4. pgiro

    Tines for 50" Tiller

    That would be worth checking at your work. If they have a common carrier they use, sometimes LTL freight is not too expensive. Thank you.
  5. pgiro

    Tines for 50" Tiller

    Hopefully someone can rebuild the tiller and get it working again. Let me know about the plow. I'm definitely interested.
  6. pgiro

    Tines for 50" Tiller

    I did get some tines so I am all set for now. Thank you. That tiller looks to be in great shape. Is that original paint? Is the pinion shaft something that a machine shop can make? Would you be willing to sell the single bottom plow and ship it to MA?
  7. pgiro

    D160 Onan Stator Question

    So it turns out that the connection from the stator to the voltage regulator had come off. There is a small plug with 2 wires coming from the stator.that plugs into the regulator. It was not easy to see that it was disconnected but the Charging & Ignition troubleshooting guide was very helpful in locating the problem. Seems to be charging normally now. No wonder I had to charge the battery after every use. The stator wasn't even connected. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  8. How can I test the health of the stator on a 1977 D160 with the Onan engine? I suspect the stator is weak. How difficult is it to replace? Are new or rebuilt ones available? thank you.
  9. pgiro

    D160 Won't Start

    Just to follow up on this and close this issue, I had put the new coil in and it still didn't start, so I gave up on it for a while. A few days later I checked all the wires and tried again and it started right up. Maybe I didn't check to ensure that I had reattached all the wires when I first put the new coil in, not sure. At any rate, I'm glad that it's running again. Wish I new for sure that it was the coil but as long as it's running... Thanks for all who offered suggestions and help.
  10. pgiro

    Lift Bar for D Series Snow Blower

    Looking for one lift bar for the D series snow blower. Didn't notice when I bought the blower recently that it was missing one. Looks fairly easy to fabricate but if someone has one they are willing to sell, please let me know. Original part number looks to be 200162 Thanks.
  11. pgiro

    D160 Won't Start

    Well after patiently waiting for the new coil to arrive and finally getting a few minutes to install it, there is no change. No spark still. I have tried just about everything and I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be. Any other ideas? I would really like to get this thing running again..
  12. pgiro

    D160 Won't Start

    Well I've tried just about everything with no success so I guess I'm going to buy a new coil and see if that's the problem. Don't know what else I can try .
  13. pgiro

    D160 Won't Start

    I don't know if the coil needs an external resistor. The coil in it is fairly new and the number on it is 166-0804. Does anyone know if this is the correct coil for a 1977 D160 with the Onan engine?
  14. pgiro

    D160 Won't Start

    Haven't cleaned the ground connection but I'll try that. Thanks.
  15. pgiro

    D160 Won't Start

    I understand that current will be flowing when the points are closed but I don't think the amp meter should drop several amps. Another indication I found that leads me to believe I have a short is that at certain spots I'm only seeing 10.5 - 11 volts instead of 13v. Also, the electric PTO, which worked intermittently but recently stopped working completely works perfectly if I run 12v from the battery directly to it. So the 10.5 - 11v reaching the PTO is not enough voltage to energize it.