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  1. W/H JUNKY

    Wheel horse 603

    Great thank you guys. Now I have something to look for. Thanks again
  2. W/H JUNKY

    Muffler prototype test

    I would also be very interested in a couple of these
  3. W/H JUNKY

    Wheel horse 603

    Hello all. I have a guy here that thinks his horse is a 603 and has asked me about it. Is there anything that I should look for to help identify this tractor for this gentleman. He said it does not have an engine or tags on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. W/H JUNKY

    Rubber bumpers

    We will be there for sure. I love that show. As of right now I will have to new ones there next year.
  5. W/H JUNKY

    Rubber bumpers

    Thank you very much WHX20
  6. W/H JUNKY

    Rubber bumpers

    WXH20 if you have the part number that would be great.
  7. Hey everyone need alittle help locating the little rubber bumpers that go under the flip fender pan. Where the fenders bracket rests on the tunnel. I picked up some at the big show but apparently not enough. Using them on a 875.
  8. W/H JUNKY

    Onan Carb

    Boomer do you sell a rebuilt kit for these carbs
  9. W/H JUNKY

    Onan Carb

    Hi again everyone. Iam working on a D160 with a Onan. On the top of the carburetor where the air cleaner cover attaches there are four holes 3 are for the screws for the cover then what is the 4th one for. My problem is gas is coming out of it and starts to flood the engine out. Please help. I have pictures but dont know how to get them attached here on RS. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi everyone. I need to purchase a new Delco Remy voltage regulator for my Commando 8. Could someone help me out with a part number so I get the right one. Thanks in advance
  11. W/H JUNKY

    D160 trans

    I just need to replace the ones that are on there. The guy I got the tractor from put hubs from a C series tractor and I would like to go bad to the D series hub and go back to the right size tire
  12. W/H JUNKY

    D160 trans

    I have not taking it out yet was trying to find a gasket before I opened it up.
  13. W/H JUNKY

    D160 trans

    Hey guys. Got an issue iam looking for two items and iam hoping you guys can help. The frist and most important is a gasket 5999. The one that goes between the to halfs of the rear end of the D160. The other is the rear hubs for the D160. Any help well be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. W/H JUNKY

    Charging system

    Ok thank you guys. I did run a jumper wire from the neg. Side of battery and clipped it on one of the fins of the voltage regulator still the same reading. I do have another voltage regulator. And it is a good battery. So I will try the other voltage regulator in the morning. Thank you guy I will let you know how it goes. Ok well change the Voltage regulator out with a new one. And away we go charging good now. Showing 14.7 at the battery. Thanks guys. You guys are a big help as usual.
  15. W/H JUNKY

    Charging system

    Ok this is what I checked today. From the engine the to white wires are putting out just over 30 volts AC. Now when I plug the connector back into the voltage regulator its only put out 12.3 volts DC on the orange wire. Witch is the same at the battery. Should the voltage reg be putting out more like 14+/-. Maybe change the Voltage regulator