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  1. wrightorchid

    Magnum 12 hp oil leak

    It is from the hole on the side. It is very dirty/oily. I'll try to clean and seal. Thought there might be a plug or something that went there. Thanks.
  2. wrightorchid

    Magnum 12 hp oil leak

    The pto side of the engine is leaking oil at the small hole on the side. It has gotten much worse recently. Any ideas?
  3. wrightorchid

    Hurricane Michael cleanup.

    The devistation is great. We lnow several that lost everthing. We were lucky, but many were not. We now have power, so it is much quieter, except for the chainsaws and lineman working. I have much more to clean up.
  4. In Tallahassee, we are Ok. Total devistation west of here and along the coast. We have no power but crews are here today. Sorry no pics, my 312-8 is working hard.
  5. wrightorchid

    Mower Deck on a 312-8

    Please post a couple pics so it is easier to tell what you have. There are lots of manuals on this site.
  6. wrightorchid

    Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    So very awesome. Such an amazing group to keep these horses alive and running.
  7. wrightorchid

    Lathe Made 42 Deck Pulley and Spindle

    Yes, mixed metals can corrode much more that if by alone. Aluminum and steel together does cause galvanic corrosion (google it for much more info), much like steel and copper do (which is why you have to have a proper junction in plumbing). There is actually a mild current flow that causes this. This is worse, when the metals are wet, such as wet caked grass on the spindles and deck.
  8. wrightorchid

    Magnum 12 oil level

    I had the numbers on my computer at one time, but the serial number and model have faded, so I don't have the specific year anymore. I The deck and the tractor are not the same years, just don't remember which is which. Maybe 1992 on tractor and 1986 on the deck. It is definitely a magnum 12. I'll check the stick and see. Either way, thanks for your help.
  9. wrightorchid

    '99 314-8 Fixer Upper

    You might want to replace the fuel lines, and flush the tank. If you use a 1/4" drill or rod, you can connect the new line to the old so you don't have to try to fish it when it wants to curve from being rolled up. looks great!
  10. wrightorchid

    Magnum 12 oil level

    I need to clean it off again and determine where it's leaking. I don't think it is the welch plug plug or the breather, although I guess it is possible. Not sure if I have the short or long dip stick, but is from 1986. Based on the document, it looks like 1 pint is the difference between low and high. The oil monitor switch died a long time ago.
  11. wrightorchid

    Magnum 12 oil level

    I have a 312-8 with a Kohler m12. Is there somewhere to find out how much oil is used from the low to high fill range on the dipstick? I don't recall seeing this stated in the owner's guide. I have a problem with the motor, with a leak on the PTO side of the engine, but understand a full rebuild will be needed at some point to fix. Over time it pretty much covers that side of the engine and PTO area with oil. I am trying to keep it running as long as I can, since it is my worker, and they are very hard to find in Florida.
  12. wrightorchid

    312-8 Before & After

    looks great! I have one just like it, but more in the before stage....
  13. wrightorchid

    Deck Blades Way Off

    I have the same issue, but I know I hit a hefty oak root. The center scalps pretty bad. If you have the deck off, you can put a long level across the shell, and see the difference between the blades and the front of the shell, when the blades are all to the front, like III, It sounds like something similar may have happened in the past. I'd love to have another good deck, but in Florida they are hard to find. This winter I'll try to remove the center spindle, and try to heat and hammer it back in place.
  14. wrightorchid

    Newbie question about 520H

    Are there any marinas or gas stations near the water? They often have non-ethanol.
  15. wrightorchid

    Garden layout plans

    I think you should be fine on the 48" spacing for the corn, but it is better to have a block/section of corn, rather than 2 very long rows..