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  1. wheel horse 1045

    Installing a V-Plow?

    would love to see some action shots of that in the winter very cool
  2. wheel horse 1045

    Can you convert a C-120 to Rear Gas tank?

    it wont have the bolt holes on yours to match the newer style but it will work i did it with my 1974 C160, the holes on the transmission is what im refering to .
  3. wheel horse 1045

    Air Horse

    I drove the C120 version and it was a blast
  4. wheel horse 1045

    pics of all my horses maked by oevel,geel,belguim

    i enjoy your pictures of the tractors at work,thanks for sharing :banghead:
  5. wheel horse 1045

    Snow Time

    good lookin crew :ychain:
  6. wheel horse 1045

    snowplowin with the C120

    its a plowin machine and the lights work
  7. wheel horse 1045

    Tires tires and tiiiires

    I've used Ag's and turf tires and i work my tractors all year as well and have wondered also about the ATV tires but as far as Ag's and turfs i prefer the turfs cause chains is what i use with them and I'm not personally crazy about chains on my Ag's.
  8. wheel horse 1045

    War against Winter!

    hang in there soldier cause winter war is hell :ychain:
  9. wheel horse 1045

    First snow 12-4-2010

    looking good are you gonna use chains
  10. wheel horse 1045

    Yet another snow crew ready!

    Scott Ive used 6=12 with chains and weights and they worked great,good looking team you got there :thumbs:
  11. wheel horse 1045

    RJ Wannabe

    sorry i cant help ,I'm not familiar enough with the rjs but good luck anyways
  12. wheel horse 1045

    Tri rib tires

    thanks TT
  13. wheel horse 1045

    Tri rib tires

    other than looks do they work any better,ive never had a pair .
  14. wheel horse 1045

    The most collectible Wheel Horses

    its a wheelhorse made to pull aircrafts,this is the 1 i drove
  15. wheel horse 1045

    The most collectible Wheel Horses

    not the rarest but just as hard to find is the air horse