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  1. sharkman

    1961 springfield for RJ, 550/1 or 400/1

  2. sharkman

    1961 springfield for RJ, 550/1 or 400/1

    looking to trade a 1961 Springfield Suburban tractor for a RJ, or 60-61 suburban. Springfield runs and drives and is complete, but could used some TLC.
  3. sharkman

    12" hub caps

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. sharkman

    12" hub caps

  5. sharkman

    12" hub caps

    Sale pending!
  6. sharkman

    12" hub caps

    12" chrome Hub caps, some rust, but should cleanup OK. $35 shipped
  7. nice Job! Just wondering if you have tried 6" wheels for the front? I want to buildi narrow front end and have looked at a lot of pictures of them. I think (IMHO) the 6" (rim size) just look to be a better ratio than the 4".
  8. sharkman

    Suburban Rear Hitch

    I got it now, sure is different than the 1961 deck lift. I do have the deck complete with the replaceable tip blades. Looks like the only piece missing is the rod between the L bracket and the deck. thanks for your help!
  9. sharkman

    Suburban Rear Hitch

    so, since the mower deck and the slot hitch go up and down at the same time, if you want to pull somethine you would use the yoke?? hitch? (that makes since What about the right angle piece? here is another picture
  10. sharkman

    Suburban Rear Hitch

    Does anyone know what this is for? I bought a 550 and It was in the slot hitch. I have notice a couple of tractor pictures with it. Also had the top hitch bolted to the trans. I read it is factory, but what was it used for? Thanks, Rich