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    Get my C-175 Twin Auto all put back together...
  1. Rfischer

    Portable Sandblast Pot Help

    Well, not sure I know the answer, but will tell you that I have had a hell of a time with my blasting setup. I have a small cabinet with a suction feed, and it works pretty good, even with black diamond coal slag. I have a gravity feed cheapo that I use in my "Blast Room" (read plastic tent....) and it does not work so well with Black diamond. Got pissed off one day and went bought a Clarke 20 gallon pressure blaster at TSC (by the way, Clarke Power products just filed chapter 13 a few days ago...), and I can't get the thing to work at all with the black diamond. I have a 150PSI, 80 gallon tank compressor, but you have to limit the pressure to 120psi. I assume the nozzel is too small, but the directions are so lame it does not specify what is in it. Not fun when things don't work...... Randy
  2. Rfischer

    @#%&* Steering Wheel...

    Thanks folks, great ideas. Looks like I will have to wait till Sunday to work on it a bit more. The sad part it this WH was is really good condition, stored indoors. The Steering Wheel itself is in almost perfert shape. I really dont want to start pounding on it. I really just need to get the dash sheet metal off since it is the last part to blast and paint. Since the steering gear is welded on, can't get the dash off. I suppose I could just saw the steering shaft in half, paint everything, then weld and grind it back smooth, but seems kinda brute force.... Thanks Again
  3. Rfischer

    @#%&* Steering Wheel...

    Hi All, On my C175, finally got the pin out of the steering wheel, like that wasn't fun enough.... The wheel will not pull off the shaft. Have soaked if for days with lube, will not budged. Any ideas anyone??? Thanks Randy
  4. Rfischer

    D180 - whats a good price

    Thanks guys, very helpful. Not sure what this sudden fascination is with wanting to hop in the truck, drive for an hour, spend money I dont have on a 30 year old lawn mower when I have 2 new perfectly good ones already.......Seems strange.... Randy
  5. Hey all, There is a D180 with 3pt hitch and rear PTO for sale near me. Says in decent shape, although has not run in 6 months. Wants 1200, I'm guessing would take 1000. How does that compare with what you guys are seeing? My only experience is with a teardown of a C175. Would this D180 be bigger? What questions should I ask the seller? Thanks Randy
  6. Rfischer

    How to get Throttle & Choke Handles off

    thanks for the idea guys, will try them out tomorrow.
  7. http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/Chenot.htm This guy is just amazing!!! My idea of precision is to use the smaller hammer. This guy is building (and designing) things you need a magnifying glass to see! Warning.....will make you feel unworthy.... Randy
  8. http://www.ssiworld.com/watch/watch-en.htm Wonder if you guys have seen this before. It's a company that makes shredders. They have alot of fun detroying things. Great marketing idea as well. Randy
  9. Rfischer

    How to get Throttle & Choke Handles off

    Thanks TT, will give the visegrip trick a try. Wonderfull invention visegrips, could not get by without them! Randy
  10. Rfischer

    C-175 Restoration

    Thanks for the tip PJ, Not sure I follow the part about " cut the raised portion off..". Do you have any pictures by chance? Where is the failure point in the original design? Randy
  11. OK, stupid question...... on my C-175, it has "T-Handle" style throttle and choke controls. How do they come off? I figured they just pull off, but I have yanked on both of them just about as hard I could for fear of breaking them. I was ordering parts the other day and included a replacement set, but don't want to break them if I don't have to. Where they glued in? Thanks in advance, Randy
  12. Rfischer

    C-175 Headlight "plastic piece" broken

    Boy, that would be lifesaver! Gladly pay ya something for it as well. I have been rolling ideas in my head about building it up with expoxy, then drilling it out....sure to be a mess though. Randy
  13. Rfischer

    C-175 Restoration

    Well, been working on the hood off and on for a couple of days, it's really being a problem. Did they put harder paint on the hood that the rest of the painted pieces? I can't hardley blast through the black and red paint. Got the front done (almost clean, will touch up prior to paint): I brazed the broken welds, and put some additional on the existing welds (don't snicker too bad, never said I was a welder....). Not too concerned what it looks like since it will be facing the ground when installed. Hopes this holds up
  14. Have some broken plastic screw holes on the plastic housing for the headlights for the C-175 I'm working on. Part is no longer made. Anyone have any ideas for how to put it back to something close to original? Randy
  15. Rfischer

    how to make a sand blasting cabinet

    This is what I did for some bigger pieces (like the hood of a C-175 that I am working on now) Had an old fan out of a stove top (pays to never throw anything with a motor away!) I have been using Black diamond from Tractor supply. anyone know what it is? I'm sure it is sand, perhaps from volcano's, as it is black. I have been wearing a full resperator. Someone meantioned Black Beauty, do you think they meant Black diaomond? Randy