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    1999 265-H
    1993 314-8 , NOS 36" Tiller, 93 plow,93 single stage snowblower
    1983 C-85 36 Rear discharge mowing deck
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  1. jonw440


    Looks fantastic!! I'm sure your Dad would be very proud!!
  2. jonw440


    Do you have any pictures of it today? That is so cool you have your Dad's tractor. I would trade my 68 Roadrunner for my Dad's 1963 633!
  3. jonw440

    Good bye to an old friend

    We all feel the loss from our best friends. It gets a "little" better with time but it will never go away the loss of our beloved pets. Your GSD will get better with time too. Just give him big hugs and kisses and let him know everything will be fine. We lost our ROSCO this past June. He was a big lovable 130lb GSD who would give ANYBODY the biggest kiss! He was 10. Our other dog took a few months to come around. Just pay attention to them and give them all the love while they are here. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!
  4. jonw440

    1963 633 Wanted

    I am looking for a 1963 633. Must be all there. Massachusetts, southern VT NH, Northern CT or Rhode island.
  5. jonw440

    Idler pulley question

    I removed the pulley and was going to turn it over but there is a long sholder on the bottom side. I then thought I could push the bearings and "shoulder" out and re install on the other side, but there are two rubber seals protecting the bearings. I just re installed the way it was tried it and so far so good. I mowed for about 10 minutes and all is good.
  6. jonw440

    Idler pulley question

    Sorry, 1999 265H with a 38" 78216 side discharge.
  7. I wrecked my new belt yesterday(must have had it threaded wrong) Picked up a new one today and tried the mower and it seems fine but...... I noticed the idler pulley has a serious groove worn in it where the belt runs. Can these be flipped over so the worn groove is at the bottom and the belt would ride on a new area of the pulley? Or should I just leave it as is. New pulley is around $65.00
  8. My Wife and I bought our Son in law/ Grandson(who is 4, and loves Papa's 314-8) a 265H toro/Wheel horse tractor with a 38" side discharge mower with bagger for their new house. I paid $100 for it. It has 900 plus hours on it. The tractor wouldn't start when we bought it and found the rod was broken. Week One: Replace engine with same 15HP I had in a Husqvarna LTH15. Changed oil, filter and air filter (Kohler parts) and it was up and running. Took tractor for a spin and realized something was wrong with steering. Week two: Replaced wheel bearings and center axle pivot pin. Much better steering! Mowed lawn and realized mower deck made lots of noise. Week Three: Get new belt and picked up new bearings from local dealer. Get home to replace bearings and find bearings are wrong ones and spindle shaft is worn from the bad bearings. Order bearings and spindle shaft from a big online vendor because dealer would take a week to get it....... .Week Four: Today. Get package containing new bearings and spindle. Open box and realize spindle shaft is wrong one(My fault ordered wrong one) Say hell with it and order new one from dealer and install old spindle shaft and old bearings in deck so My SIL can mow lawn next weekend.(He is mowing an acre with a push mower and I keep telling him "Next weekend the tractor will be ready to bring down to you) They live an hour and a half from us. Put back together and take it for a spin and turn mower on and bad noises and vibrations......... this is the result. I give up for today.............
  9. I ordered one from partstree. It was 38.60. I dont have a lathe and the drill press chuck isnt big enough.........
  10. I got it off. I had to put the bolt back into the bottom of the spindle(where the blade bolts on), then saturate the shaft and heat it. Then I grabbed the spindle with channel locks and hit the blade bolt with an impact gun. More PB Blaster and more heat and it came off. Now I have to replace the spindle or try welding up the groove the bearing wore into the spindle. Since its like 90.00 I am going to try and filling it with some weld and machine it down to size.
  11. Here are some pics. Another I hit the shaft 4 times with a 3lb hammer and a brass punch and nothing. Still didn't move. I just don't want to bend or break anything(especially if I miss with the hammer) Would heating up the spindle with a propane torch help?
  12. Thanks Dave, No keyway type. Is the zerk fitting "pressed in", because there are no "nut shoulders" on it to put a socket on. Oh its a 38" side discharge deck from 1999. Model 78216.
  13. I picked up two new spindle bearings from my Toro dealer. I cant get the pulley off the spindle. Is it pressed on? How do they come off. (This is the left outside pulley)
  14. jonw440

    Front axle loose

    The steering on my Son in law/ Grandson's 265H is loose but sticking when you turn to the right at slow speed. I jacked the tractor up(avoiding the zerk) and found the axle pivots back and forth about an inch or more both ways. I looked up the schematics and it doesn't list a bushing just an axle pin P/N Toro 92-7057-03. My question is does this pin wear out or is it the axle itself? I have new wheel bearings on the way and adjusted the toe in(This is when the sticking steering to the right at slow speeds started) Before adjustment it was very difficult to turn at slow speeds as the toe in way way way off. Plus 2 inches toe out.