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  1. C-160 Auto

    Was given a C-175 wheel horse

    That depends on what is wrong with it? You could get lucky and just clean the fuel system and install a new plug. Do you have spark?
  2. C-160 Auto

    Wheel Horse 417A

    As someone else mentioned....that mid hitch where the deck mounts to doesn't look right. With engine off....can the deck be pushed forward and backward by hand much?
  3. C-160 Auto

    Wheel Horse 417A

    Do both pulleys in the mule spin freely? Is it possible the mule drive tension was too tight or too loose?
  4. C-160 Auto

    The Little Indian That Could.

    Sweeeet!! (watch out for the shed!)
  5. C-160 Auto

    A good tach for a Kohler K341?

    Thanks for the ideas. I ordered a Vibratach (sirometer) and it should be here this week.
  6. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    Hodge....did you figure this out?
  7. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    The RD blade should be 14 1/2" from blade edge to blade edge....or 14 3/8" blade edge to wing edge. (I just measured a new spare set I have)
  8. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    I can't help but think the blades are running backwards based on this. Check direction the PTO belt turns the center deck spindle while it's running....shut her off and look under deck and see if that is the correct way.
  9. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    Professional rock farmer....that's funny. Yea, this kind of stuff drives me nuts too...we'll figure it out. Is it by chance leaving the "high strips" where your front roller wheels are? The area that does get cut, does it look like a nice, clean cut?
  10. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    My neighbor tells me the same thing....after I mow his yard for him! I love riding my Wheelhorse so much, if my neighbors yard need cut, I go cut it.
  11. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    He said he has new blades and took the baffle out? Maybe those are pics of before?
  12. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    Hmm, it sounds like the spindles are good. Does the idler pulley on the deck spin free? Are you using the C-160 8 speed tractor with it? What gear do you mow in? I have no experience with the baffled deck, but maybe the baffle needs to be on it for some reason? Sorry, I have no answers yet....just a bunch more questions!
  13. C-160 Auto

    42" Rear discharge issues

    That's weird. My RD deck with no baffles cuts great. (and I bought it new with no baffles) Have you removed the deck belt and check that all 3 spindles spin freely? Blades aren't installed upside down? Kinda sounds like maybe the blades aren't spinning fast enough or something.
  14. C-160 Auto

    A good tach for a Kohler K341?

    I've had a governor issue for quite a while, and I fixed that today. Now I want to be sure my wide open RPMs are set right. I want a good & accurate tach for my K341. I would prefer something permanently mounted, but I will be happy with something portable. I've read about the Sentec & Tinytach, but I would like something that lasts longer than 4-5 years before the battery dies and it can't be replaced. What are you guys using on the K models?
  15. C-160 Auto

    Raider vs C160

    The C-160 auto had a hyd lift for the deck or other attachments. The C-160 with a manual transmission had a manual lift and no hyd lines.