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  1. M i k e

    Oil from breather kohler

    Just a wild guess: when you see oil coming from the breather plate on k-series, it's time to replace rings at the very least? 😊
  2. M i k e

    1054A Wheel Alignment Problem

    The rod I ordered from WHP&S already shipped and will be here Friday. Damn, that's service!
  3. M i k e

    1054A Wheel Alignment Problem

    Ya this knock off one is 18 1/4 as well. I mean, it should work but I'm guessing a spindle is tweaked, I saw plenty of evidence of rough treatment as far as the steering goes, so no big supprise there. That adjustible one will resolve all of this. I need this back together before summers gone. Lots of project work to do yet. Mine are work horses, no time for garage queens here!
  4. M i k e

    1054A Wheel Alignment Problem

    This is the one I have. If it's not a legit wh part, someone did a good job as it looks the poop.
  5. M i k e

    1054A Wheel Alignment Problem

    Just ordered one from his website a few mins ago. Thanks, Mike
  6. M i k e

    1054A Wheel Alignment Problem

    My tie rod has absolutely no adjustment nuts for it. Its basically a round stock with 2 ends welded on that bolt directly to the spindle arms. If WH made them with adjustments then that means i've been swindled by a schmuck on ebay who advertised it as for the 1054. He even gave the correct part number, 2711 if memory serves. This explains much. The real trick thing is that its pretty much verbatim of the one that was on the tractor when i bought it, however that one was obviously repaired and welded in the middle making me think that was the problem. Thats why I never questioned anything when I saw it. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks, Mike
  7. M i k e

    1054A Wheel Alignment Problem

    Ok but the 1054 only has 1 tie rod that connects the left spindle to the right one. There are no adjustment nuts to it at all. As I said in my OP, nothing appears to be bent at all. Mike
  8. M i k e

    1054A Wheel Alignment Problem

    Its toe out, not in.
  9. Boys, having problems with the front wheel alignment on my 1054a. Seems as tho the tie rod is about 1/2" or so too short causing the front tires to pigeon toe. Tore everything apart can find nothing wrong or bent. According to WH parts diagrams, the 953 and 1054 tie rods are the same part number. Perhaps one of you good fellas could give me the measurements of your tie rods so I can verify mines the correct length? Maybe something else Im missing here? Thanks, Mike
  10. M i k e

    Looking at a 1054

    Picked up a 1054a myself last year. Love it. It's like a mini dozer in 1st gear with a blade on. The hardest thing to work on is the gas tank. You have to drop the whole transmission to get it out. Mine sat awhile outside, so had to derust it. Only other issue with working on it is the difficulty/expense of finding origional parts like steering wheels and dash hardware etc. Other than that, great machine. Well worth the trouble.
  11. M i k e

    Electric Fuel Pump?

    The Facet Cube fuel pump to buy is model number 40177. Its rated at 1.0 to 2.0 psi shutoff pressure so it won't overload the carb float on Kohler engines. Works great on my K341S. Used to start, run, idle rough no matter how I adjusted the carb especially in winter. Once I replaced the new plastic kohler fuel pump with this baby, starts and runs smooth as glass all year round. No more cranking the hell out of it on coldstarts. Very happy, will convert all of my horses over to EFP.
  12. Facet Cube electric fuel pumps = worth their weight in gold!

  13. Do you still have anything left from the GT14 you were parting out?  Let me know.  Thanks!

  14. M i k e

    Newbie with a c-160

    Its unreal someone would take this to a scrap yard. Hell, stick it out front with a sign saying "Free" if you don't want it. Just the engine alone in running condition is worth several hundred. Thank you for saving this fine machine from such a fate!
  15. M i k e

    Wanted: 1054/953/GT-14 Steering Hardware

    Hello, Looking for a few parts to complete my 1054A restoration I got going on. From what I can tell, these parts are compatible with 953, 1054, and GT-14 models despite having different part numbers. Here's a list of what I'm looking for: R.H. steering arm: #2733 (GT# 8515) Steering shaft: #4885 (GT# 9647) Steering wheel: #4875 (GT# 7420) Steering cap: #2897 (GT# 7469) Thanks, Mike