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  1. bmghog

    SnowBlower Mount Rod

    Thank you for the suggestions, much appreciated
  2. Hi my blower mount rod broke. It's 5/8 rod but not sure what rod to replace it with. Would like to go with a threaded rod so I don't have to weld it back on. Will 304 or 316 SS rod work? In the picture the rod is circled in blue.
  3. bmghog

    520H lift linkage removal

    Okay its welded and back on...what a b to get out....slid back together though....not to get the deck back on and get to cuittin
  4. bmghog

    520H lift linkage removal

    So i think i can weld the arm back on. Anyone have a good pic of what it looks like..
  5. bmghog

    520H lift linkage removal

    Anyone have a bell crank for sale after getting it off there are two arms missing
  6. bmghog

    520H lift linkage removal

    I got it out what a pain
  7. bmghog

    520H lift linkage removal

    thanks i have that all apart but that dang bell crank is siezed on the shaft...going to put heat to it today...if all else fails will need to cut it.
  8. Good evening, i am trying to remove the bell crank as the snowthrower arm broke. what's the best way to get it out? any help is appreciated.
  9. You need a ignition module. We did everything coil pak spark plug wires etc and a man from Minnesota sent a used ignition module and it started right up and has run for 40 hours just fine.
  10. bmghog

    Tire chains

    Okay thanks thought I would need spacers. ...yes this is the 520-H on here from yesterday. Put the snow thrower on and all ready to go minus the chains. Anyone know where to get calcium for the tires Bronson Note 3 --- 3178098612
  11. bmghog

    Tire chains

    Any one have any problems with the chains rubbing on the fuel rail and brake housing on the left side of a 520-H 1988 Bronson Note 3 --- 3178098612