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  1. Crawler

    1" axle gears

    Thank you sir! Update, found a donar tractor had to swap a few minor thing to make it work but it had the exact tranny! Put back together changed fluids and mowed the grass great day!! Have more donar parts if anyone needs them, thanks all for the help!
  2. Crawler

    1" axle gears

    Also need this needle bearing or part number for motion industries is anyone has it Posted pics
  3. I have 2 gears that were sheared on my axles and I'm having trouble finding the correct gears
  4. Crawler

    1" axle gears

    I have a 73 wheel horse 10 that the axle gears sheared and cannot find gears to replace, it has 1" axles so i found some on ebay but gears are too small, any help is appreciated