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  1. Hammerhead

    1963 Model #953 Registry

    Thanks everybody! This 953 will be left in as-found condition with some clean up every where. You can see on the hood that I cleaned half of it. Thanks to 953nut for the cool pics and info. I knew a lot about these early production Model's and finally found one. I have had 2 other 953's but sold one to my buddy like a dummy. My other 953 has the Ross steering box but the steering wheel is from a Sears for some reason. There is yellow paint on the aluminum box and maybe it was a Cub steering unit. I forget the Serial # but it was pretty high not low like this latest find. My head lights are the early H-22 style lights and plastic buckets. Only have one lens though. Yep that Photobucket site sucks I guess. I always have used it but for some reason they messed up 3 pics, one was the steering wheel and one was the Serial Number decal I forget the other pic, maybe it was the mint condition mower deck!
  2. Hammerhead

    1963 Model #953 Registry

    Hello, I recently acquired a very nice early production 1963 Wheel Horse Model #953. Serial Number is 62- 379, which makes it the 379th one built. It has the rare early production steering wheel and the Ross Aluminum steering gear box. This was owned by an old timer for many years. Probably his pride and joy for many years. There is hardly any wear and tear on it. The black rubber footrests are in great condition still. If you can, post a pic of your 953, with Serial Number that would be great. I want to see the cut off point from old style steering wheel to the new style. Thank you...KJ
  3. Hammerhead

    New addition to the RJ collection! To

    I woud leave this paint as is. You can wire wheel it and bring back a lot of red paint under that rust. Or use fine steel wool on it and your choice of oil such as WD40 or Marvels Mystery oil. That will clean up nicely! Good score, leave it a1956 also.
  4. Hammerhead

    RJ suburban ,, ID help

    The mower deck is actually a 1958 type. Footrests look home made. All in all it ain't too bad of a pile. Offer him $500 and hope he takes it.
  5. Hammerhead


    Hello Terry, I would like to know if you can make the WHEEL HORSE letters on the front of the round hood tractors? They are about 1/8th of an inch wide by about 1 1/4 tall, just a guess but you probably have access to a round hood for reference. Also the KOHLER letters on 7 and 8 hp Kohler engines. Both of these requests are for the raised letters on both parts. Thanks let me know what ya think about making these up. I am sure others would buy them as well. It is some what hard to hand paint these letters. Thank you! Just ordered 2 1955 hood decals and 2 steering wheel insert decals. Keith
  6. Hammerhead

    Brennan Bo's Rat Rod Ready for Zagary...

    Looks good with the black rims! Just don't paint the tractor it looks awesome in original condition! But I always say that! WD40 is good on it!
  7. Hammerhead

    When is the Big Show this year?

    Yep thanks everybody for the heads up! Since it is featuring Customs, that is why we are considering going this year! Woot woot! Thanks Wallfish for mentioning that! Hope to see ya there Brrly! Thanks AMC Rules, would like to meet ya too and go over the War Horse with ya!
  8. Hello all, We are thinking about going to The Big Show this year, what are the dates this time? Is there any good hotels close by or do we have to get them far out of town? Any advice you can give us, we would appreciate it, thanks in advance! We were thinking about a 2 day event, Friday and Saturday. Hammerhead
  9. Hello, just wondering if anybody has an early style 1955 RJ35 lift handle they want to sell? Mine has the gas tank stand so those early lift handle's are the old style I need. Thank you! Keith
  10. Hammerhead


    Yep very cool old pics fella's! TDF5G's 552 is cool pulling the old early style dump trailer. Notice the first style of head lights on it, these are super rare nowadays! Also the handle on the dump cart is painted white or cream color, you don't see that ever!
  11. Hammerhead


    Here's 2 of mine, one early production 1955 and a regular production 1955. 2 old girls! Also featured is my 1956 RJ35 with the wrong color rims, somebody painted over the original black paint! Sorry the pictures doubled up for some reason, oops!
  12. I got my one of my sheds cleaned out this weekend and snuggled my RS-83 Senior in to it for the winter! No time to get it running yet, bummer! Now the weather has changed for the worse, it is 19 degrees out there now! Wahoo! Now bring on the snow!
  13. Hammerhead

    1957 RJ35 Start Up

    Nice little RJ35! Don't restore that one, like the original look of it! But I always say that!
  14. Hammerhead

    1957 RJ35

    Looking good! I thought the 57's had white rims or cream color anyways? 1956 had the black rims.
  15. Hammerhead

    1956 RJ-35

    Some body restored this several years ago and painted over the black rims! I can see the original black paint underneath the white. This has the original Clinton motor. I also have the original mower deck that is in good restored condition! I am busy putting it back to original condition, best as possible.