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  1. chorusguy

    Sorry I got to Vent

    This is unfortunate and I completely understand your anger. But...... let's look at the bigger picture for a second, if I may be so bold. First of all, I don't know the value of the bolts, but I suspect they aren't wallet busters. The issue is that you have been taken advantage of and have been lied to. Not a good way to feel. I think you need to confront him with the evidence and give him a chance to explain and apologize. There should be some punishment for his actions. Although since ive never had an employee, I'm not sure what your options would be. You said you just came from church. For my 2 cents worth, I think that is where you should be looking for your answer. Can you use this as a teaching opportunity? Can you demonstrate Christ's love to this man? Certainly, you have every right to be disappointed and angry,. But if this is his third year, you have some investment in him. The practical costs of getting a new employee trained and in place pale in comparison to the actual value of the head bolts. Does his loss if income, stress and unemployment compare to the value of the damage he has done? Only you can really answer that question. I know I am on a high horse here, but it seems that we, as a nation, are quick to judge and quick to dismiss people as a whole far too easily. None of us are perfect. In fact, I'm sure that my own failures and shortcomings are obvious and many. But, I am eternally grateful to the many people who have showed me grace and forgiveness and who have shown me the distinction between hating the sin and loving the sinner. Certainly, you hold all the power here. You have proof of what he did. I suppose it now becomes a philosophical question of what you do with the power. If you decide to fire him, so be it. You would be legally justified. If you cut him some slack, it could blow up in your face and you would ultimately have to fire him in the long run anyway. If he isn't taught by someone how to be a responsible employee, this cycle could continue forever or he could escalate and wind up in jail. After that, the likelihood of him ever being a good wage earner gets progressively smaller. If that happens, you and I will be paying for his food and lodging and perhaps his children's food and lodging for years to come. Sorry if I have offended or overstepped. Good luck.
  2. chorusguy

    Parking brake rattle ?

    One of my c160s has a plastic strip that lines the opening and that keeps it quiet. My other one doesn't and it drives me crazy. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Can you tell me about the hiller?  Would love to have one



    1. OILUJ52


      Some how I missed this post.

      I purchased two disc from Rural King and mounted them on two in square tube. The tee bar allows the spacing of the disc. I plat n a hill and like to catch the rain.

      I can send more pics if you want them.

  4. chorusguy

    Mowing with 1977 C-160

    Great machines. I have several if them. Be careful about running it at low Rpm the engine is designed to rev at 3600 it relies upon the high rpms for lubrication. If you run it low you might destroy it with your good intentions. Also, I think I read somewhere that somebody said that if all the things we do with our little red wonders, that mowing is one of the toughest.
  5. chorusguy

    One bottom plow adjustment

  6. I have an older mow n vac that has (I think) a Briggs 206 cc engine on it. It runs but runs rough and may be smoking a little. I am wondering if anyone has replaced their engine with a harbor freight engine. Thanks
  7. chorusguy

    think I made another gardening mistake

    I think it's pretty well broken down. Nice and dark and looks like dirt.
  8. So what I did was I bought enough leaf compost to cover my garden with about 4 inches of compost. Then I spread it all out and tilled it and it got real tall and fluffy. Looked really nice. The idea was that I would then turn it over and mix it into my existing soil which has some clay in it. Much to my chagrin, sitting up so nice and high on my new compost the plow didn't dig far enough down to grab any of the native soil. I adjusted the point down and it dug a little deeper but still no soil. Adjusted it again and it started digging less deep. I figured it was a function of the lift chain being too short, so I added a link but then the plow wouldn't lift off the ground for transport. So, what to do? My first question is can I just grow my garden in mostly compost? The concern is that it will dry out too quickly. And that there won't be enough mineral content in the compost. Can I just pack it down with a roller or drive over it a lot and then re-turn the compost? Or should I thin out the layer of compost and re-turn it. I have another plot I could apply the extra compost to. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.
  9. chorusguy

    three questions for now

    Is 5 feet really tall enough? Thought it had to be more like 8 feet.
  10. chorusguy

    guess what I did today

    Regarding the compost bin. I suspected as much. But pallets are plentiful and often free. Never gardened before so this is all new to me
  11. chorusguy

    guess what I did today

    Yeah baby. Use two of the herd today. One to grade and one to till. The only reason to Garden is to get seat time
  12. chorusguy

    guess what I did today

    Beautiful weather here in central North Carolina today. Not a cloud in the sky and in the 60s. Graded one garden plot, and tilled them all. Also built one compost bin.
  13. chorusguy

    Height adjust for brinly plow ok ?

    I'm a little confused. Is this a hydraulic lift? Anyway. The cable lift has very little travel. Maybe just a couple of inches. You will need to adjust the cable/hitch adjustment to be able to lift the plow high enough transport the plow without it digging into the ground. It is a bit tricky. I had a hard time adjusting mine and if you have uneven ground you will probably have to go up hills at an angle to keep the tip of the plow share from digging in when the tractor begins going up hill. Again, the angle adjustment on the plow will set the depth that the plow will dig. I struggled to get mine set up but got some good information from some members in the attached thread I think once you get the plow and start fiddling with it you will quickly figure it out.
  14. chorusguy

    Height adjust for brinly plow ok ?

    Right. The wheel is just to cut sod. The angle of the plow share sets the depth of the plowing. If you need a cable one of our members makes them and they are very nice. I can't remember who it is, might be wheelhorseman@hotmail but not sure. I found him by looking for a cable on eBay and sent him a message and he then contacted me via this forum. Great guy to work with and will want to know specifics of your tractor as the dimensions are varied depending on the model. Good luck
  15. chorusguy

    everyone makes mistakes

    In all fairness, I don't feel that I got ripped off. I just made a questionable decision in buying it. Ekennell you obviously see something that I don't. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But your sentiment makes me smile. By the way, I didn't pay very much money for it. It's more like the dog that chases a car and catches it. Now that I have it, what am I going to do with it?