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  1. Gumshu

    Carb replacement

    I guess the Next step is checking engine rpm. I just ordered an hour meter/tach. That’ll be good enough to tell me if I’m getting 3500 out of the engine. I’ll keep you guys posted.
  2. Gumshu

    Carb replacement

    The linkage moves the full throw on top of the carb when the engine is off. When it’s running it barely moves when I work the throttle. The engine responds to the throttle, it just doesn’t move as it does when the engine is off. I’ll try for a quick video tomorrow.
  3. Gumshu

    Carb replacement

    It is the magnum.
  4. Gumshu

    Carb replacement

    I didn’t touch anything other than the carb and fuel pump.
  5. Gumshu

    Carb replacement

    Why would it need replaced if it was running fine with the exception on fuel in the oil previously? I’m not doubting anyone. I’m just trying to understand. Back story- I discovered fuel in the oil and the occasional back fire at shut down. A repair guy told me to replace the carb and pump. No previous issue with wide open engine rpm. I replace both and tune it as perfect as possible. I notice the rpm at full throttle are just not where they used to be “by ear” not measured by a gauge. I know, very scientific. What is the blade speed speed supposed to be?
  6. Gumshu

    Carb replacement

    Hey guys, I just replaced the carb and fuel pump on my 310-8. I have it adjusted and it runs smoothly but it seems like I don’t have the same amount of rpm’s at full throttle. Anyone have any ideas? I got everything from the isavetractors guy. I do have an email into him but thought I’d stop here while I wait. I changed the carb and pump because I was getting fuel in the oil.
  7. Gumshu

    Hose through frame?

    I assumed so but can’t see inside without taking the battery out. I’ll check it out in the next few days! Thanks guys!
  8. Gumshu

    Hose through frame?

    Hey guys, I can’t find info through the search so I’ll ask, what is the hose that goes through the frame just behind the engine on my 310-8?
  9. Gumshu

    310-8 Electrical Issues

    OK, I believe my issue(s) was actually 2 things. 2 Years ago when this all started i believe was an intermittent key switch ground issue. I replaced the switch but never put it back into the dash as I was doing my testing so therefore, not getting it grounded. After I realized my error, I put the switch into the dash and worked my way around to the bad relay. So, After replacing and properly grounding the key and replacing the relay, the 310-8 is back in action. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  10. Gumshu

    310-8 Electrical Issues

    Alright, I re-did ALL of the grounds last night and nothing. I also triple checked my new safety switches. They are engaging and working properly. Tonight, wiring diagram in hand, I will track down the problem. While I'm at it, I will give boovucs suggestion a try. Thanks to GlenPettit and Gwest_ca for the suggestions. They weren't the fix but the fix has to start somewhere. I will report back tomorrow am. Wish me luck.
  11. Gumshu

    310-8 Electrical Issues

    I do have a voltmeter but I'm not a wiz with it. The negative from the battery bolts to the frame behind the dash on the right hand side. There are 3 wires total that ground at that same point on the tractor.
  12. OK, I believe that my problem started 2 summers ago. I have been chasing it ever since. It would have intermitent starting problems. I would turn the key and get nothing. No click, no starter engage, nothing. I'd do this several times and them blam- fires right up. I had the starter rebuilt, replaced ALL safety switches, solenoid, battery, key switch, relay and the problem remains. I can jump the solenoid to start it without issues. It will not shut down with the key switch either. I have to choke it to death to kill the engine. My tractor is Wheel Horse 21-10K806 with Kohler 461533 (M10) If anyone has any brilliant ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance. I would also like to note that when i turn the key to the first position i get approx 13 volts on the voltmeter on the dash. When I turn the key to start, it drops to ZERO.