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  1. This is what I was thinking for using a hand drill to start: https://oldtoolheaven.com/brace/braceimg/b1053.jpg
  2. For a hand crank starter, maybe start with a hand drill, brace & bit? They're cheap and easy to find, you could probably fab a simple "tee" to fit into drill and starter piece. Was thinking the stainless pipe out back could be a flag holder. As much as I'm a Wheel Horse fan, due to all the custom work done to make it look like a Deere, I'd keep it Green as an honor to builder. Keep us updated! Dan
  3. jetmandan

    Wheelhorses in the Northwest?

    $1600 sounded like a lot until (in my head) I go over all the new parts bought for my GT14 from Dufur. New HF 13hp Predator, new skid steer rear tires, new from turf tires. Add in donor Charger 12 (for Hydro pump), paint, nuts & bolts and I could have bought the D160! Unrelated, but I've been making weekend trips to Bremerton now for a month. Bought myself another money pit. Bought the near 100 year old Theater organ from Bremerton Community Theater. Took me three trips (7 hour round trip driving) just to remove the 1000ish pipes, probably three or four more trips for rest of the organ. Plans are to install in back of my workshop at home. I should probably have my head examined.......
  4. jetmandan

    Wheelhorses in the Northwest?

    Looks like you and I are not the only Wheel Horse-men in the Pacific NW! Did not see the ad, what were they going for? Dan
  5. jetmandan

    GT14 Repower

    dells68, thank you for this thread. I'm close to start rebuilding my GT14 using same Harbor Freight 13h engine. My 1970 GT14 sat for many years in the central Oregon rain, snow and summer sun, it needs tons of work to live again. The hydro pump was off when I bought and sat in the elements for years, not going to try and save it. Have a couple Charger 12's in the parts pile, one will be sacrificed to save the GT. Since the HF engines have no charging systems and after market Honda charging coils are 6 amps at best, I plan to add a mini-one wire 60amp alternator. It should fit where HF tank sits. Will be removing recoil starter and machining a pulley to spin alternator. Have not worked out where battery and fuel tank will end up yet. The goal is to have her 100% operational, easy to start and economical on fuel. This will be a resto-mod, other then the obvious motor change I want rest of the tractor to look close to original. Dan
  6. jetmandan

    Wheelhorses in the Northwest?

    Thor, I've yet to take a wrench to her but have been slowly buying parts to get her going again. Bought a pair of correct size front tires (turf) from Surplus Center and close to correct size pair of rear (skid steer) tires from Ebay for about $250 shipped. When I found it, he Sunstrand pump was off and laying on the ground for years, It's rusted beyond any chance of saving it. In my collection of sick horses are a pair of 67 or 68 Charger 12's, read somewhere here that those are same pumps with only output gear different size. Plan to sacrifice one of the Chargers Sunstrand hydro pumps for GT14. Engine rotates by hand but is also in poor condition due to years buried in winter snow and dry summers in central Oregon. Plans are to replace my Kubota 6000E with the GT14, I'll need the engine to be turn-key any day it's needed on our just under an acre home. If engine is too far gone, I'm not opposed to using a modern replacement. I do have a 12hp, 2 cylinder Yanmar diesel that was an APU for a Freightliner or some other truck that may also be used but that is a ton of work alone just to mount it. Have too many irons in the fire but the GT14 will live again! Dan
  7. jetmandan

    Wheelhorses in the Northwest?

    Steve, Others here are correct, very few horses seem to have made it out West. I'm near you, located in Canby. Have about 10 Wheel Horses in my herd, sorry none for sale but you're always welcome to come by and look them over and chew the fat. Maybe give you a better idea what model you'd like. Craigslist is your friend but you have to be fast as some vanish as fast as they post. Pic is my latest addition to my project, a 1970 GT14. Took all my lil' Mazda had to bring her home from Dufur. They are out there. Dan
  8. jetmandan

    FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    This is the web site that sells the plans for my digger https://www.cadplans.com/ I've heard that the plans have been available mail order for years from back of Popular Science magazines. Somewhere online, I've also seen free downloads for a similar design digger. By pure coincidence, I also have the Cad loader, https://www.cadplans.com/cadloaderlt-model-507.html Bought a worn out Gilson /Montgomery Wards garden tractor with it from a neighbor for $200, will be mounting the loader on one of my Wheel Horses soon. Dan
  9. jetmandan

    FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    In short a millwright is a fellow who installs, maintains, repairs all the equipment in a company. This is a Wikipedia definition of a millwright, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millwright I work in a furniture factory with about 400 employees, spend my days keeping all the machines running. Back to the digger, the wheels do not have brakes, the front stabilizers dig in the earth and (mostly) keep me from moving forward while digging. The 55 gallon barrel filled should be close to 500 pounds. If I position it (or one on each side of engine?) that should allow me to use digger as a small crane as well as give me more ballast for breaking hard ground. My machine has more breakout force then its light weight can handle. Do not have any videos of my digger in action but here a few of others who have built same machine. Mini Backhoe CADDigger 728 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3m574x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKWt_3Z8Jo4 Looking forward to seeing videos of your Finn Horse!! Dan
  10. jetmandan

    FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Cad digger builder (Joe) is a retired millwright, he and I both enjoy building our own "toys" (coincidentally, I'm also a millwright). Seat has already been replaced with a garden tractor style one from a grocery store electric shopping cart. Future plans are to add a Wheel Horse hood to protect engine from elements, repaint to a proper IH Red and I have an idea of a sun/rain roof to keep me dry. During summer, our ground turns to something close to the hardness of concrete, a narrower bucket is already coming together. Couple days ago I tried to lift a gas powered welder into a pickup, had power to lift but without any counter weight, I'll I did was raise motor end. Thinking a removable bracket that can hold a 55 gallon plastic barrel for counter weight will take care of that problem. Dan
  11. jetmandan

    FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    I can relate to that statement. Recently, a Cad Digger tow-able backhoe followed me home. Was built by a buddy of mine but he lives too far away to come help me, getting used to the controls and making smooth movements is taking longer then I thought it would. Dan
  12. jetmandan

    Built my own mid-mount tiller drive

    Crawdad, No worries about over tilling here, my property is dead flat, let it rain! Oh look, I see a couplle blades of new grass in the tilled garden, sounds like a good reason to hook up roto-tiller again
  13. jetmandan

    Built my own mid-mount tiller drive

    New 141 x 1/2" drive belt arrived, with perfect gardening weather for next few days could not get it mounted quick enough! The belt is a tad long, so I had to off-set the vee belt pulley so the belt would not rub itself into destruction. Unfortunately I neglected to get a pic of how I off set the pulleys. In only a couple hours, I was able to till most of my 8k sqft home garden before I threw the belt. When it stopped and all I could see from drivers seat was the belt off the pulleys and on the ground, was sure I had destroyed it. After getting a closer look, no broken anything! Guess I was having such a good time tilling that I had the soil so deeply tilled the the tiller pulley was getting packed with soil. Was getting late, so I called it a day. Just a neat shot, sorry about the rotation and your sore neck Only problem here is I ran out of gas, when I returned found our small flock scooping up all the bugs the tiller turned up! None of these are great pics as the lens of my camera on the phone is scratched up pretty bad. Other side of tiller pulley is chrome shiny from being in contact with the soil. You can almost see the offset front pulley here, it's moved out about 3/4" so the belt does not rub itself into oblivion. Tiller was deeper then this, side sheet metal was at ground level. Soil felt like marshmallows, my boots were sinking a few inches with every step. Dan
  14. Thanks for your pics and measurements, here's some pics of the bracket I fabbed using your ideas. Spring is just what I found in my shop, won't know if it's correct length or not until 141 x 1/2" belt arrives. I also did my own posting here, Dan
  15. About a year ago scanning my local craigslist, I found a newer Toro / Wheel horse 36" roto tiller for $50. Mounted up to my 74, C-160 after I had to trim off a bit of the rear axle mount locking bracket (it's length was bumping into idler pulley). Now I needed the mid mount belt setup, I have a well equipped shop at home so all I needed was some measurements. Built my drive setup close to member "Lost Pup" and his post here The mostly finished bracket, waiting for 141 x 1/2" belt to arrive, bought off greed-bay. Will tack the set-screw shaft locks in place after belt fitted. Pic from underside, spring is probably from an old bed mattress. It was just in my junk pile and looks close to being correct size. Side pic of my over powered C-160 Tiller mounting shot, the electric lift is getting weak, has to work pretty hard to lift roto tiller. Plans are to remove and sell it off then replace with my own linear actuator setup. Dan