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  1. Patrick Reese

    Single stage snowblower bushing/spacer

    Hi, I'll be curious to see what you measurements are.. I sort of "Winged" it and went with what I had and the picture to quesstimate sizes.. had three bushings made up at a local Machine Shop. He was nice enough to make them up out of SS steel!.. no rust.. 10 a piece.. Ours seem to work fine! They might be just a tiny bit long, but not enough to cause any problems.
  2. Patrick Reese

    Single stage snowblower bushing/spacer

    Hi Bunson. I need to get two of these made (I don't have one to copy). Can you give me some more measurements. For instance overall width. Depth to flange.. So to make it easy, with the bushing laying on the table as you have it pictured. How high is it overall? and how high from the table is the flange. Those two measurements would do it.. Thanks!
  3. Patrick Reese

    Throttle cable end Broken 72 12HP Kohler NO Name

    Fantastic, thanks for the help.. Red Square, what would we do without this great community.
  4. Patrick Reese

    Throttle cable end Broken 72 12HP Kohler NO Name

    That is exactly it! It's broken off flush.. looks like it was press fit? Any ideas what to do or where to get that part?
  5. Hi all, I have a 72? No Name with a 12HP Kohler. It is Hydrostatic. Today the end that holds the throttle cable wire just broke off the bracket on blower shroud where it links to Governor. The end is broken off and missing. I can't figure out what it was that was there, but nothing left to put throttle cable end in. Throttle cable was straight and most likely held in by screw that tightened down on cable. Anyone have a manual or a picture of a Kohler 12 from this era so I can figure out what is missing and what I need to do to make it work again?
  6. Patrick Reese

    Tecumseh HH60 valves/valve guides

    Probably has something to do with that "dipper" on the end of the rod slinging oil up at the lifters! The our Tecumseh is also hard to check when the oil is fresh. Almost impossible to see the oil on the dipstick since it takes so long to unscrew it to get it out any decent amount of oil runs off the stick.
  7. Patrick Reese

    Tecumseh HH60 valves/valve guides

    Callen, the camshaft looks like new.. there is no visible evidence of wear. Even the mechanic that did the valve job for me commented on how it looked almost new. Don't know why the lifters stopped spinning. sorekiwi as to the valve stems being worn we did mic them before grinding and no wear was evident.. Callen, this morning I removed the reed valve assembly. IT looked like it was free, but I did soak it lacquer thinner and found that there was gunk inside the reed valve. One thing I did change.. when I had assembled it the first time I put it together with the filter mesh away from the vent pipe this time I assembled it with the mesh and opening to the reed valve in direct line with the vent pipe. Maybe, and that's just maybe this was obstructing the ventilation enough to push some oil upwards. The breather assembly did have oil puddled up inside the housing when I took it apart. For now it seems like it is smoking a whole lot less (only a tiny bit when going from an extended idle to a full throttle) and every once in a while at idle it will "putt" and puff a tiny bit of smoke. The true test will be if it still fouls plugs. I still think we are going to address the valve guides over the winter though. PS I just checked an engine diagram that I downloaded and it shows the vent pipe inline with the reed valve opening and mesh so I did in fact have it assembled wrong.
  8. Patrick Reese

    engine overheating

    I had this same issue on a Kohler Command mounted to a Gravely Promaster.. at the beginning of each season I would always blow out the fins and fan area with a compressor and hi pressure nozzle and every few years I would take it apart to make sure all was well since we live in front a dairy farm and are loaded with mice.. Well the one year I didn't take the covers off and visually inspect I blew a head gasket! Upon disassembly I found that the little rats (mice) had packed the inside of the blower shroud with nut shells and nesting that the compressor couldn't move out.. this blocked everything up and caused the overheating resulting in the blown head gasket..
  9. Patrick Reese

    Tecumseh HH60 valves/valve guides

    OH I think I mispoke.. I have the HH60 which is a cast iron block and aluminum head.
  10. Patrick Reese

    Tecumseh HH60 valves/valve guides

    Thanks for the reply sorekiwi, I have an auto machine shop near me that I have used in the past to do machine work on two old Pontiac's I restored. They are great with automotive engines and nice guys to boot. Come Monday I'm going to see what, if anything they might do to help me out with this small engine. Seems to me like rebushing the block would be the easiest interms of leg work.. also the valves in the engine now are recently reground and the seats resurfaced as well as valves ground down for clearance.. rebushing the block should allow me to reuses all the components as-is. sorekiwi as to installing a new pressfit valve guide I'm not sure how the aluminum block would be with that. I think I read where the stock guides were heat pressed in upon manufacture? Just not sure of all this. Has anyone had any success or experience installing new valve guides or adding bushings?
  11. Patrick Reese

    Tecumseh HH60 valves/valve guides

    Looking for some advise or help.. I have a recently refreshed HH60, I say refreshed because we did not do a soup to nuts rebuild, which is what brings me hear. It seems that when we took it apart and replaced the piston, rings, rod, lifter, did a valve job and put it back together we did not check the tolerances on the valve guides. On the tecumseh they are heat pressed (I believe) in the block during manufacture and the only thing that can be done with them when they are worn is to find oversized valves and ream out the guides.. It seems that after a good break in period that the engine is still burning oil and fouling plugs. It is behaving like it is the valve seals. (reminds me of my old high school '67 Impala with bad valve seals) There is plenty of compression, and it is usually smoking only after idling for a bit and going from low speed to high speed. It is not chugging blue smoke under load. It is however fouling spark plugs terribly.. when we dissassembled the engine upon purchase there was evidence of heavy carbon build up in the valve areas and the lifters were worn in one spot telling me that they were no longer spinning in their bore. I should have picked up on this but not being a small engine mechanic only an occasional hobbyist this got by me.. all these things to me add up to loose valve guides. Now the questions... Does anyone have experience with matching up oversized valves for these small engines? NOS Tecumseh oversized valves are probably as scarce as hen's teeth. I'm wondering if my local automotive machine shop could take some measurements and find an automotive valve that would be the same size or close enough that it could be machined to fit?? +
  12. Just take the blinders off the horse next time..
  13. Patrick Reese

    RJ 58 trans won't shift into gear

    Ordered a set from Jake Kuhn. Thanks.
  14. Patrick Reese

    14 H.P. Kohler K321 Not Starting Good

    Also check for gasket (air) leaks on the intake side of the carburetor..
  15. Patrick Reese

    Head Bolts keep loosening up

    Update.. after running the Tecky 6 with it's new Fastenal Grade 8 gold cadmium headbolts for a few days a few times a day (still breaking it in).. The headbolts are great with no loosening. And with the gold cad plating they look pretty sporty too!