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  1. Crazywheelhorseman

    875,876,877 or 1075

    I'm looking for a short frame hydrostatic tractor for a project. I don't care if its rough, in pieces or a "parts tractor" please let me know what you have. Thank you
  2. Crazywheelhorseman

    Another one followed me home

    Original owner had polio. He built the seat so he could slide from his wheel chair to the tractor so he could mow.
  3. Crazywheelhorseman

    Another one followed me home

    Damn fat fingers on cell phone keyboard lol
  4. Crazywheelhorseman

    Another one followed me home

  5. Crazywheelhorseman

    Another one followed me home

    Had this barn find gem follow me home. Had help bringing it home from Dieselcowboy.
  6. Crazywheelhorseman

    Kohler K301 12hp

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Crazywheelhorseman

    1054 help needed

    953 nut if you can get me a measurement of the small step between the 2 and the recess on the inside of the small side i might be able to have some turned
  8. Crazywheelhorseman

    1054 help needed

    Thank you 953 Nut i appreciate very much!
  9. Crazywheelhorseman

    1054 help needed

    Hello everyone, its been a while since i've posted. I recently picked up a 1054 which was repowered with a briggs and i'm gonna repower it with a k301 i have sitting on the shelf. What i need to know is what pulley does this use? Is it the same as the 1057 and early raiders?. Any pics and specs would be greatly appreciated. -Wayne
  10. Crazywheelhorseman

    310-8 transmission

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Crazywheelhorseman

    Rare light option HL-22

    Jason can you please post a picture of the mounting plate?
  12. Crazywheelhorseman

    Kohler K301 12hp

    Kohler k301 from a '69 raider 12. Motor has the Kohler solid state ignition on it and it runs well. I also have other parts from the '69 raider available as well.
  13. Crazywheelhorseman

    310-8 transmission

    I have this 8 speed that i pulled from a 310-8 when i converted it to a puller. It functions as it should. It has 1" axles
  14. Crazywheelhorseman

    2017 Bernardston Ma engine show and flea market

    Supposed to be around 70° partly cloudy
  15. Hey Guys, who's going out to the Bernardston show this weekend?