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  1. Gracie's Dad

    Shed find

    Pretty nice, I don't find stuff like that at estate sales.
  2. Gracie's Dad

    Need help and knowledge!

    Joshua, they know what they are talking about. Way too much money for what you would get! I don't live too far from you, and there are plenty of places to find a wheelhorse that is in a lot better/complete state. There always seems to be one or two on CL in Otisville or Lapeer. Good luck!
  3. Gracie's Dad

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    My C-105 with a blade has earned its keep this week, while the 416-8 with a tall chute has played dead with an electrical problem.
  4. Gracie's Dad

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    The only one I have used so far this season, 416 with blower and cab is still sleeping
  5. My next door neighbor found this in his basement and thought I might like to have it. He was correct. 35 pages.
  6. Gracie's Dad

    Snow plowing

    Steelman, She is, thanks for the thoughts. Does the 416 have the onan or is it one of the old kohlers? I prefer kohlers, but mine is an onan. I do like the sound of a twin though, and it hasn't given me any trouble.
  7. Gracie's Dad

    Snow plowing

    Steelman, I ran right through your neighborhood on US-23 the morning of the storm, and and back through about 8 that night. I got to spend the day at U of M medical center for mom's heart surgery. I think we had you guys beat on amounts, but not by much. Have not started the 416-8 for the season, so I plowed instead of blowing snow. I enjoy the plow more anyway.
  8. Gracie's Dad

    Snow plowing

    Without a doubt, this is my favorite reason to have a wheelhouse! ❄ Or wheelhorse
  9. Gracie's Dad

    Got my hitch

    Finally got it installed...was not a 20 minute install. I had to take some meat off the arms with eye holes because they would not clear the uni-drive. So it's gonna need a little paint, but I like it!! 😊
  10. Gracie's Dad

    Got my hitch

    Got my hitch today👍 Can't wait to get it installed 🔧 thanks tom!
  11. Gracie's Dad

    Hood swap

    Can anybody tell me for certain if a work horse gt1142 hood is interchangable with a 312-8 hood??
  12. Gracie's Dad

    Black Hood on a break

    Thanks for fixing the typo. I did not see the brand on the sweeper, nor the size of the black hood. I did not want to go tromping into their construction site and get them all wound up
  13. Gracie's Dad

    Black Hood on a break

    Caught this one on a break at a worksite this morning. Had to go around the block and take a picture.👍 Obviously it was supposed to say blackhood, not blackwood...autocorrect kills me
  14. Gracie's Dad

    The Horse is ready to run

    Not just another Michigander, but another from Genesee County to compete with for finds😊. Welcome, and looks good!
  15. Gracie's Dad

    Vinyl cover

    Nope didn't get it at M-57 surplus, but that is where the blades to mom's "new" 312-8 came from this month. So, I know what u mean.