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  1. JamesC-120


    I'll be there Thursday. See you guys there! Anybody heard of or going to the Nowthen Threshing show in Nowthen MN? It's started on Friday but I will be going for the day on Saturday. I always see about 2 other Wheel Horses there but I don't think he is on the forum.
  2. The rear tires are Carlisle farm specialist. They are 7-14. The rims are from Miller tire and are identical to the original rims but 14".
  3. It is a Chinese 10hp and mine was made by Keepler and a guy had a couple pallets of them and sold them for $350 brand new so my friend and I bought two.
  4. Yes I did swap out for an 8 pinion. Also I took apart a punch of the PTO and the belt shrouds and decided I will just leave the 1/2" belt for now because it will require some trimming of some metal. I don't really want to do that so I will just see what happens. I am going to get a really nice heavy duty belt from a shop near my house. They have really good belts. The next thing I'm debating if I should do or not is the trans under a hard load with pop out of 3rd gear. I won't be plowing in 3rd gear but when going up hills I have to be careful or I will go flying down backwards if I don't have my foot on the clutch. It has happened. To fix that though I will have to pull apart the transmission that I just rebuilt last year but it does have a leak in the main seal so I may be doing that soon.
  5. There is plenty of room for a wider belt and pulley. The belt shroud sits out pretty far. So I'm thinking of buying the two pulleys I need then cutting and welding them how I need them. Just have a little more measuring to do before I order the pulleys.
  6. Working on building the 953 Diesel into a beastly plow tractor. I just made a few brackets for some weights in the front and rear. I also picked up a Wheel Horse 12" plow. It was in excellent condition and I thought a great price for a 12". Now I'm looking into converting to a 5/8" belt because pulling a 10" with no weight it was eating up the stock 1/2" belt. Anybody that wants to give me any tips on the belt conversion or anything I should add let me know.
  7. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse D-250 find

    OK well I'm going to look at it on Sunday.
  8. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse D-250 find

    I will definitely post when I get it.
  9. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse D-250 find

    Well I'm going to try and pick it up as cheap as I can.
  10. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse D-250 find

    I was driving down the road when a Wheel Horse D-250 caught my eye. It was sitting in a guys yard. It looks to be in okay condition but not great and the rear fenders and seat are missing. But it does have a plow and it seems mostly complete. What do you guys think I should pay for it? And what do you guys see for parts that are missing? I have never owned a D-250 and don't know a ton about them.
  11. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse Raider 27

    How many HP is that Kohler?
  12. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse Raider 27

    I cleaned the 18hp up really nice and put it on Craigslist.
  13. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse Raider 27

    I'm sure it is the first. I haven't seen a lot of square hoods with vtwins.
  14. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse Raider 27

    Yes there are weights under there. I welded a tube between the two pieces of metal under the seat and then welded a nut in the end of each side of the tube so I could bolt the weights on. There are six 30lb weights and then a bunch of old wheel weights in the middle.
  15. JamesC-120

    Wheel Horse Raider 27

    The exhaust clears by at least 6" but I did not think about that when I built it.