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  1. Commando312

    800 Watt Portable Generator

    I have an 800 watt portable generator for sale. Its nice and compact and can run a few small things with it. It is 2 cycle so it does run on gas/oil mix. Call or text me at the number provided. Can send pics because this site wont let me upload them, thanks
  2. Commando312

    Kohler K241AS 10 hp engine

    I have a K series K241AS 10 hp motor for sale. Engine ran great before being pulled. It came out of a black hood C series wheel horse. It has new points and condenser. Comes complete, has starter/generator, exhaust and muffler, and even mounting plate and pto clutch assembly. It only has 300 working hours. PM me or call or text 484-942-0058. Thanks. Can send pics upon request. This site wont let me upload pics.
  3. Commando312

    Wheel Horse 702

    The ad originally said just Coatesville without a state attached. But I guess you people always have to be right.
  4. Commando312

    Wheel Horse 702

    Is this tractor in Coatesville, PA?
  5. Commando312

    Wheel Horse 48" Plow Blade

    I have a 48' plow blade for sale. It is in really nice shape and comes with rear axle bracket. This will fit all 300,400,500 series tractors as well as C series black hoods. Please text for pictures as this site will not let me upload them. Thanks!!
  6. Hello everyone!! I have a C-105 8 speed tractor that I am selling. It comes with a plow/grader blade that is in excellent shape and metal wheel weights and Agricultural tires on it. This tractor is in great shape and runs great. Please PM, call or text if you are interested. Please see my albums for pictures of the tractor because it will not let me load them in the ad. Thanks!!
  7. Good morning!!! I am looking for 300 400 500 series tractors in any condition in the Lehigh, Berks, Montogomery, Northampton, Chester, Lancaster, Schuylkill county areas. Im looking for tractors in any condition, running or not, in parts or whole. Let me know what you have!!! Thanks!! You can PM me or call or text 484-942-0058
  8. Commando312

    48 inch Deck Shell

    Hello everyone!!!! I have a 48 inch deck shell that came off of a 414-8, It is a SHELL only. Nothing else attached to it. Its in my way in my garage and just want it gone. Its solid, has a little bit of damage to the front in the middle but nothing major. Please call or text if interested, would like to get rid of it soon!!! Thanks!!!
  9. Commando312

    42" side discharge deck

    I have a 42" side discharge deck available. Still in usable condition. Off of a 414-8. Asking $200 Call/text for pics
  10. Commando312

    414-8 Price drop!

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. I have a 48" side discharge Deck SHELL for sale. Comes with a front mule drive. Please text me for pictures. This site is giving me problems uploading the pictures. The pictures are also posted in the photo album on my profile. Asking $100. Please call or text 484-942-0058. Thanks!!
  12. Commando312

    414-8 Price drop!

    I have a Wheelhorse 414-8 for sale. it has roughly 1300 hours and is in great shape. Machine runs and operates well. Has a 42" side discharge deck with no holes. Just serviced. More pictures in my photo album on my profile. Call or text 484-942-0058. Thanks!!! Updated: Price drop to $500, I need it out of my garage! Update: if no one buys this thing I'm taking it to the scrapyard next week!!
  13. Commando312

    Wheelhorse 312-8 W/Blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. Commando312

    Wheelhorse 312-8 W/Blade

    Changed Price to 500
  15. Commando312

    Wheelhorse 312-8 W/Blade