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  1. timo4352

    Blade removal

    Nope. Worked for me in the past..., but this time around removing the blades the whole spindle spun - loosening the nut on the top! You need to hold that lower spindle nut. The impact is a wonderful thing....
  2. timo4352

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  3. timo4352

    Snowblower on a 310?

    I have the single stage blower on my 310-8. There is no problem running the blower with the 10 HP. The auger spins so fast it's scary. Never bogged it down yet.
  4. timo4352

    K241 Starts then dies out

    I just had a similar problem that popped up on my tractor out of the blue....would idle fine but die out when I tried to throttle up... Found out my positive battery cable just about fell off in my hand when I touched it. The terminal was just plain worn out. A new terminal solved the problem.
  5. Lately,I have been contemplating getting rid of those rectangular headlight bezels, cutting and welding in some round tubing in to the hood instead. For a different look and more light.
  6. timo4352


    Offering this homemade plow setup. I had it working on my 310-8 -- but my homemade rear hitch was a weak point. A heavier rear bar should be installed, along with using a proper hitch, and the thing could work. no springs - the blade does not fold when you hit anything. for 50 bucks it might be worth a try for you ?
  7. timo4352

    Bargain Deestones

    If anyone is looking for a great deal on tri-ribs, I just got a pair of 4.00-8 on the big auction site for $26 shipped. Simple Tire seller. I can post a link if allowed. Hope I'm not violating any posting rules by mentioning this. Just a steal of a deal too good not to share. I'm happy to have them.
  8. timo4352

    Making a Plow - the sequel

    Found a WH plow locally for a decent price. Got the right hitch with it too. Fresh paint job on there today. No more headaches with my Deere homemade plow.
  9. timo4352

    Making a Plow - the sequel

    Thanks for the encouragement. The holes for the cross bar are fully in the angle iron. I'll have to look at switching the brackets left - to - right. See if I can make that work. It really needs the cross piece welded in there to hold the angle irons together --- keep them from twisting. I think that's the main problem --- an uneven load and it just twists the thing off the axle. I would like to fix it. It is nice to scrape the snow down with. If it had springs, and folded when I hit something it would be way better too, but it does not, and that is another project. That's why I was thinking I might be best to find a WH plow and be done with it.
  10. timo4352

    603 Finished!

    That looks fantastic
  11. timo4352

    Making a Plow - the sequel

    Well....... back to the snowblower... good thing I have both... I broke my homemade rear hitch thingy again plowing yesterday. Never did get a support bar across there. Disapointing... may find a real WH plow for her someday and forget about this one...
  12. timo4352

    312-8 tire size

    I have the narrower tires 22 X 7.50 and chains on my '85 310-8. I prefer them over the wider tires myself. Plus my chains only fit the narrower tires. The narrower tire is no longer produced to my knowledge. Too bad. I'll have to by wider chains someday.
  13. timo4352

    252H in Ohio

    I've got word from my neighbor that his co-worker is selling a 252H. I'm not interested, but if anybody wants to know more I'll send you the contact info. Supposedly it runs and cuts but the deck is not too good. And has a snowplow with chains and weights. Asking $100 - I'm told. If the plow fit my 310 it would be in my yard by now. In northeast Ohio.
  14. timo4352

    Plow time again

    Aint it funny how a just few short months ago we were all praying for snow? And now we can't stand it!