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  1. scifi4all

    Who's out in the snow today?

    Had about 2 1/2" here in Central Eastern Pa. Haven't used the plow C-120 for about 2 months. Battery was half dead and had to be changed out. Then it would barely move in High Gears. Plowed in Low gears with me thinking something is wrong with the Transmission. Come inside and search and find I might have a woodruff keyway hub issue, I hope. Will not know until tomorrow. Still got some seat time, just really slow seat time.
  2. scifi4all

    Snowblower cable

    I actually used some old Green Clothesline plastic wrapped wire in an emergency. Cable broke in the middle of a snowstorm! Left it on until springtime!
  3. scifi4all

    New Rubber Edge for Snow/Dozer Blade

    Thanks! As they say, "Every Day is a School Day"
  4. scifi4all

    Snow Blower on Gravel

    I used to use the my old short chute blower on two gravel driveways. I would put the wheels down all the way and still catch some stones. Always kept my hand on the lift arm, in case I would hit a ridge of stone. I would have to go over the auger and body every year to straighten everything out. I have since gotten a tall chute. The two driveways have been well packed and I hardly throw a few stones. But I went to a buddies today and he has enormous stones. He is on a 24 hour shift, road crew. His driveway is really loose and i bent up the center of the auger somethin' terrible. So you need to be carefully using it on some stone driveways and never aim high when near the house or cars!
  5. SHINY!!! That is incredible! Combines two of my favorite things. Wheel Horse's and Four Wheeling. Great Job!
  6. scifi4all

    Got My Dump-From-The-Seat Bagger For 5Xi

    That is one nice setup. Makes my 314H grass blower, hooked to the deck, look like a simple bagger. I still have to get off the tractor and unload the clippings myself. Also, you'll never have to buy new bags. Shiny
  7. scifi4all

    How to keep the deck clean

    No personal experience with those deck hose hookups. But I've heard that if you start using them from day one, they work well enough. I think you turn on the water and engage the blades. Could be wrong. Ditto on the Por-15, it's great! Used it on the rebuild of my deck 3 years ago.
  8. scifi4all

    Ag tires VS ATV tires?

    A buddy of mine has Carlisle xtrac snowblower tires on the front of the tractor he uses for snow plowing, on a long stone driveway. He has ags on the rear. Here's a link to what they look like: http://www.carlisletirestore.com/store/xtrac.html
  9. scifi4all

    what do you guys use to work up a stone drive?

    I used the local baseball rec leagues home made angle iron frame with 5/8 rebar welded on every 3 inches at an angle. It also has a hinged angle bar that can be brought down in the back to help level the debris. It has room to add weight/block to it as well. It worked great and I was going to take a few pics of it, but I must have forgot. To much fun having seat time. I will have to get pics the next time I am at the field.
  10. scifi4all


    I'd gladly settle for 66 deg.I heard on tv today that one year ago today,it was 78 here where I live.Where the heck is this global warming I hear about??? It's in some of Pennsylvania. Only got 2 - 3" of snow! Wet stuff and hit 40 something today. Wasn't even a reason to get the snowthrower out. We have consistently had 0"(rain/sleet/snow)2" all winter, where I live. I have only used the cabbed wheel horse w/snowthrower one time this entire winter. Even installed some free led flashers to the cab, for safety, and haven't even had a chance to use them. I am also tired of this winter/spring. It's time for spring. Only way I am going to get any seat time.
  11. scifi4all

    Mower question.

    I added a piece of roofing rubber to the discharge of my deck years ago. It made a difference, on the amount of grass blowing up onto the wheel and axle. It still kicks up more than I like, I should install a thicker or heavier piece of rubber. Sorry I don't have any pics right now.
  12. scifi4all

    wheel horse with big powwer !!

    Nice setup. Any idea who manufactured the implement? Thanks for sharing. Shiny!
  13. scifi4all

    Snow Cab Poll - Like it or Not?

    I would have to agree with MalMac. I probably wouldn't mind plowing on a not so windy snowy day. But when the wind is blowing and the snow from the blower just keeps blowing back in your face, that Cab is great. My first wheel horse came with a cab and I said "I don't need a cab. What am I an old man?". So i sold it and didnt give it a second thought. Well I got a little older. I also ended up going from blowing 1 driveway to 4 - 5. The day can get long and the night gets cold. I don't even have heat in mine cab and have less clothes on. But, if the work had to be done and I didn't have a cab, it would still get done. I just have the choice to do it more comfortably now. I even bought the glass windshield for mine. Now I need a wiper blade. Visibility can be an issue, but that goes for operating many pieces of equipment. Just keep aware of your surroundings and those surrounding you. I also have to agree with Bob Maynard, I don't like hooded sweatshirts because of seeing and hearing properly, but i still love that cab. You would have no trouble selling it.
  14. scifi4all

    Snowblower - Just for snow?

    I I I I don't know what to say! On one hand that is just cool, to try it and see what happens. On the other hand, really! A tall chute blower, not an old wire crank beat up blower! After what I paid to get a tall chute! You're bringing a tear to my eye! But, nothin says somethin like pictures and video! Thanks, for letting us see anything can be possible!