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  1. Thomas Owens

    Shut off when I turned headlights on and won't start

    I kinda knew the switch needed replace, which is why I didn't bother testing it. My repair had held for a while I think turning on the headlights that fateful night must have cooked the switches innards...... I have a much better understanding of the electrical system on these things now. Need to get a pic of her and use it for my avatar. Maybe soon Thanks again everyone!
  2. Thomas Owens

    Shut off when I turned headlights on and won't start

    I picked up the new switch from the dealer today. Came home, ate dinner, changed clothes and installed the switch. I had already looked up how to test the relay, and having a ~12V power supply helped do just that, and with that and a multi-meter had found the relay to be good. Install switch, turn key, I get lights, which was an improvement. Close the hood and hop on, she fires right up. Cut two weeks+ worth of grass until it got dark. Pulled the mower back to the garage and tried the headlights, they came on, which was also a good thing. Guess that switch needed to be replaced Thanks for all the suggestions and helping me work through this. Tommy
  3. Thomas Owens

    Shut off when I turned headlights on and won't start

    I did pull the relay out but have not checked it yet. I know some basics of electronics but not a huge amount.......I also pulled the ignition switch out. Was trying to find part numbers on both. Thanks, Tommy Lol, yes I did, but it's perfectly fine asking. Sometimes it's the simple things we overlook, which is why I decided to post and get ideas from the more experienced folks Thanks for the suggestion about RCPW.com Thanks!
  4. Thomas Owens

    Shut off when I turned headlights on and won't start

    Thanks for the replies. I have some items to check tomorrow! Question about purchasing parts for the 416-8. Any recommended site? Any comprehensive list of part numbers? I've got the number off the relay (sitting on my desk) and off the ignition switch. Haven't removed the fuse block yet to take a look at it. Thanks, Tommy
  5. Thomas Owens

    Shut off when I turned headlights on and won't start

    Sorry for the confusion, if I place a wire on the starter solenoid terminals the starter engages and spins the flywheel but it does not stay running. Sounds like no spark to me. It was a 25A fuse and I replaced it with the same. I'll have to check the relay with my meter per your instructions. Thanks for the instructions! I'm no expert on these tractors and it's sometimes frustrating but somehow satisfying to keep it running for this long. Thanks, Tommy I tried to do that with the key in the ignition on position, even had my wife sit in the seat and press in the clutch, though if I understand correctly that should not matter for hot-wiring. I was about to say that was the first time I had tried to hotwire a vehicle but I had a bad switch on a Massey Ferguson many years ago and had to go the hotwire route until I could replace the switch. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I'll have to get it running so I can cut grass or I shall have to pull out the aforementioned Massey Ferguson with a bushhog Thanks, Tommy
  6. Thomas Owens

    Shut off when I turned headlights on and won't start

    Forgot to say I did check the fuses first thing and the one in the center appeared to be blown. Replaced that and still nothing. Had to push it to the garage Thanks for the reply!!
  7. I was mowing earlier this week with my 416-8 (Onan) and as it started to get dark I decided to turn on the headlights. As soon as I tried to turn them on it shut off, no headlights either. It now will not start. No lights when I turn the key, but the indicator lights will light up if the button is pushed. If I hotwire it, it turns over as normal but does not crank. I'm thinking ignition switch and/or relay. Any thing else I might check. I've done a bit of searching but did not find the particular circumstances that I had happen. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks, Tommy
  8. Thomas Owens

    416-8 Drive belt

    The dealer had the correct belt in stock and let me trade the incorrect one and some cash for the correct one. Took me just a few minutes to get it on and everything back together. Cut grass for maybe 20 minutes and it decided it didn't like being out in the yard and quit on me. I think the electric fuel pump may not have been getting enough juice to keep the flow up. At least I hope that's all it was. Planning to get a new end for the battery cable and give it another shot. Thanks, Tommy
  9. Thomas Owens

    416-8 Drive belt

    OK, I do have the two cylinder Onan, so the post about the longer belt and the post about the two-cylindar engine having a larger pulley make sense. Now to see if I can get the dealer to swap it out for me. If not I may have a 7473 for sale Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate it! Tommy
  10. Thomas Owens

    416-8 Drive belt

    Oh yeah, I can't even get it on the main two pulleys, let alone the clutch pulley..... I had my wife come out to the garage early on to hold the clutch in, before I found out it just wasn't going. BTW, The new belt does seem to be wider than the old one, but I figured that was probably 25 years of wear as well. Thanks for the answers thus far!! Tommy
  11. Thomas Owens

    416-8 Drive belt

    It's a 31-160803 which I believe is a 1991 model......
  12. Thomas Owens

    416-8 Drive belt

    OK, I've had this tractor for 15 years. It's been a great tractor. This year however it seems like I've done more work than ever before. I've had the carburetor off, for the first time, I've replaced the vacuum fuel pump with an electric one, but now I have a drive belt issue. The tractor is a 1991 416-8 and the number of the belt as far as I can find online should be #7473. A dealer actually came up with the same number belt when I gave him the model number. Only thing is, I cannot get it to fit, even around just the front pulley (at the engine) and the rear one (rear end), not to even bring the clutch pulley into the mix. I even took the rear wheel off, then the rear pulley to try and make it fit. Measuring the old one (despite the chunks that have come out of it) I see that the new one is a bit shorter, maybe an inch or two. Even allowing for stretch on the old one I think somethings off. This is the first time I've had to replace the drive belt. Can anyone help me out here? I really need it to last a few more years.