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  1. USHorse

    Engine Pulley Size - Please Verify

    Ok...your 2 for 2 pfrederi. . Wrong type of pulley. Thanks again.
  2. USHorse

    Engine Pulley Size - Please Verify

    Thank you. I put a temporary 4" V pulley on the installed predator to line things up until i could get the OEM pulley off the kohler and began thinking i will leave this way for cruzing around, towing and maybe this winters plowing. But speed seems excessive. It was not like this when the kohler was on the tractor. Not sure why. Anyone with ideas?
  3. USHorse

    Engine Pulley Size - Please Verify

    What is the proper diameter of the engine pulley of a 8 speed 416 with a kohler engine. Shaft diameter is 1 1/8. The one on the engine now is 4". I was planning to use the 4" pulley on a predator 22hp transplant and want to make sure i have the correct size. May have to buy used pulley as i have not been able to get it off the shaft. I see some WH pulleys off of kohlers for sale that are larger than 4....like 5.25" so i began questioning the pulley size
  4. That is good to know. I have the need for one right now. I am not sure if the shaft on my blower is 3/4". I feel there wheelhorse had another shaft size.
  5. Regarding his original question, what style V-pulley accommdates the drive belt. I recently purchased a drive pulley and it was tapered to a perfect V whereas the original V pulley has a flat area that the belt appears to ride on.
  6. GT14.....I am hopefully putting in a HF 22 hp during my upcoming holiday break. Regrading the clutch, did you fabricate the bracket that mounts to the engine block and secures PTO or is that a part that is available somewhere. Tx
  7. USHorse

    Woodruff axle key

    I just measured the broken one I took out...seems to be a good match for the 937097 number.. Shame on me for not scrolling down farther on the parts list. Tx!!!##
  8. USHorse

    Woodruff axle key

    They are not stuck.
  9. So simple....yet so complicated. Ordered a woodruff key for my 310-8 (assuming 21-10K804). It has the 1- inch axle. The WH parts list says 937108 which I ordered and is way oversized. Measures 1/2" x 1 3/8. Anybody have the right part number?
  10. USHorse

    K341 16 hp torque

    Thank u. I now see why people love those kohlers
  11. USHorse

    K341 16 hp torque

    Anybody know the max torque output of these engines. Want to compare to 16 hp Carroll Stream and 22 hp predator.....tx
  12. USHorse

    The Horse comes out to play!

    What engine is in that beast?
  13. USHorse

    K341 Engine Speed / Govenor

    Back again..now have time to tinker. Question regarding throttle cable and hook up. Something must be missing from this setup. Throttle cable directly connects to speed contol arm and one clamp fastens it to shroud. Should there be more hardware? PO has cobbled this tractor so up here and there so not sure what is right. Engine is k341 spec 71371 serial 14199379. Anyone have picture of proper set up? Sorry for no picture, problem loading.
  14. USHorse

    K341 Engine Speed / Govenor

    All makes sense......Thank you both
  15. USHorse

    K341 Engine Speed / Govenor

    Have a working Kohler with really high RPM when i push throttle cable wide open. About to adjust the Govenor assuming that is the fix. Should adjustment be done without throttle cable and spring attached? Manual does not mention this.