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  1. Meadowfield, Thanks for your help and the information - I'm learning a bit more every day, but its a slow process as I am not very mechanically minded. Can I ask another obvious question - where will I find the thread on your GT 14 ?
  2. Hi again Paul, Thank you for the photo - I can see now the reason for the warning not to stop a tractor with the parking brake.
  3. Hi Pfreder, Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I am currently awaiting a belt and will try it with fingers crossed when it arrives. Hi again Meadowfield, The noise does sound exactly like a ratchet so will hopefully be the pawl ratcheting. I must confess I don't understand the function of the Pawl nor why it should ratchet. I have not touched the transmission as it was working fine before I dismantled the Tractor.
  4. Hi Sarge, The Transmission has stood for some two years so, as you suggest, the oil will have 'settled in the bottom. I will try not to move it until I can 'fire it up'!
  5. Hi Meadowfield, Thanks for your reply to my post. My transmission does not have an external brake drum and I do not know what a 'pawl' is, but according to my Parts Manual there a pawl behind the Brake Lever. The pawl in my transmission is almost certainly worn (after 40 years use) but the clicking noise is apparent whether or not the brake is engaged or disengaged and disappears completely when the spring is disconnected (all with the Push Valve open)
  6. Rayp

    wheelhorse raider 10 parts in uk

    Do you have a dipstick for a Kohler K341?
  7. I have kept the Push Valve on my C 160 Automatic open during my rebuild so I can move the tractor by pushing it. It has always moved quietly. However, after connecting the spring to the Parking Brake Lever the Transmission makes a slight clicking noise when the Tractor is pushed. The tractor does not have a belt on at present so I do not know if this would eliminate the noise, but my question is what is causing the clicking and how can I eliminate it?
  8. Rayp

    C 160 Automatic

    Thanks again Bob and Garry and Sarge for all your help.
  9. Rayp

    C 160 Automatic

    Hi Garry, Thank you very much for the helpful information - I'm sure Sarge will be equally pleased. I will try the dealers again 'pre-armed'.
  10. Rayp

    C 160 Automatic

    Thank you for your replies Bob - I had assumed the spring in question had a critical role and was worried that it might not be the right one.
  11. Rayp

    C 160 Automatic

    Thank you Hunter for the very clear photos - I can now make a little more progress with my rebuild Can I ask you another 'obvious' question namely is it possible to fit the belt guard without removing the fender. Thank you for your replies Bob.
  12. Rayp

    C 160 Automatic

    Can anyone please help with the following questions:- 1) Should the clip on the throttle cable bolt to the nut and bolt on the left of photo 1? 2) The spring in photo 1 doesn't appear to do anything - is it correctly located? 3) Where in photo 2 should the spring on the motion control lever be fitted?
  13. I am struggling to locate the correct positioning for the brake and clutch springs on my C 160 automatic and should be grateful for any help . The parts manual shows the two springs but not where they clip to and although I thought it would be obvious it is not to me (or I have the wrong springs!!!).
  14. Rayp

    Coil Condenser Sater Earth

    Thankyou Richard - that's a very helpful tip. Ray