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  1. jackhammer

    Wheel horse plethora

    Yes Dave, I'm saddened to hear about that misfortune. Try to do as others have suggested, with pics, inventory lists etc and I'm sure in the vendors section you will hear from guys. Rick Westville il
  2. jackhammer

    Happy Easter Everyone

    For His mercy and love endures forever, Happy Easter
  3. jackhammer

    My 856 Project

    jebbear , like everyone above has stated , we are anxious to see progress results on this , welcome to the supporter group
  4. jackhammer

    My 856 Project

    Good looking machine jebbear, with the help you might need, you probably might have to put up more pics. Not much limits here and tons of help. Good luck in your venture and definitely let us see what is going on.
  5. jackhammer

    1/4 mile driveway

    Looks like a lot of storage area.
  6. jackhammer


    Just a shout out to all the contributors on putting out yet another great calendar. T-MO- Members who made the cut - great looking tractors. 1 last thing, I think I found the "secret shed". I used my long lens for this "not so" close up. Gov't area restricted. .
  7. jackhammer

    Warm boots ??

    Pretty close to what I had back then. They have improved upon the style of it. For I had to order about a size 1/2 larger because of the booty. Price sure has come down on them also. Mine were something like 169 or so . Thanks Craig.
  8. jackhammer

    Warm boots ??

    As a union laborer out of Danville and Local 703 in Champaign,Il, I swore by Rocky Boots. The Rocky Snow Stalkers I used prior to retiring in 2008 did me quite well on the job, and in down times plowing or shoveling snow. They had a thick booty , warm as can be. I always treated any leather on the outside with SnoSeal. I used the Original Stalkers during warmer weather during work times. I'm unsure if you can even get the Snow Stalkers any more. At that time all Rocky's were made in the USA in your sate ,. Nelsonville, Ohio if I remember correctly. William Brooks shoe or boot Co Good luck in finding what you need. .
  9. jackhammer

    B80 no start....

    Craig - - - Thanks !
  10. jackhammer

    B80 no start....

    I think ebinmaine had a great question and hope it will be addressed, for more of us.
  11. jackhammer

    First time in 18 years

    Bob,,, -- -- now you have a great reason to wear that stocking cap.
  12. jackhammer

    211-5 bags

    maxiblue I did a toro grass bagger search on fleabay . Good luck, Rick I don' know if these 2 guys have what you need, but I saved these ads. when I came across them awhile back. I too was looking for some larger bags that I found and never did contact either one of these 2 ads. Good luck Chicago (312) 622-3875 Dan or replacement bags j4jn5-5891577455@sale.craigslist.org
  13. jackhammer

    310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    I use 1st gear for my 1/2 acre a 312 42 sd with a vac bagger,,, Rick
  14. jackhammer

    Lawn vacuum

    hmmm -- clicked on them and still won't show.