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  1. mrb

    New MN addict

    Thanks for the welcomes! I'm in Lino Lakes and have just under 5 acres to play on. The friend that got the B-series wanted to be able to mow his 2.5acres, borrow my tiller once in a while and plow snow/smooth his gravel drive but didnt realize the difference between the b-165 he bought and the c-175 in my barn. I made him a plow for the b-165 but he has a hard time getting traction and the Briggs seems kind of tired. I think he's going to sell it pretty soon and look for something else.
  2. mrb

    New MN addict

    Hello fellow addicts! I have been reading others posts and gathering info for long enough, time I introduce myself. I was given a 16 auto with a tiller a few years ago that started the addiction. The tractor was rough as the couple I got it from used it once every couple years to till a large garden. I got it running well and started my own garden with it and began learning of all the other possibilities that were out there for this tractor. Soon I made my own rear or mid mounted blade and used it in the rear position to drag my gravel drive and then the following winter in the mid position to scrape ice from the pavemed drive. Since then I have rebuilt the K341 as the piston split on me and have painted a few of the tins My addiction has spread to my dad (312-8), father in-law (c-160), and a good friend (b-165, I advised against the b series...) and I now have the c-175 the old couple used to mow their yard (kt-17 smokes like crazy but everything else is good). Anyway, enough blah blah here are a couple pics