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  1. cooperlacy

    New black plastic hub caps 111951

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  2. Brand new black plastic front wheel hub caps. Part number: 111951. I bought the wrong part number for my tractor and it wasn't worth returning so I don't need them. $10 shipped.
  3. cooperlacy

    Tie rod ends

    I second McMaster-Carr too. Personally I used p/n: 6058K28. Less than $5 a piece. I just cut the original tie rods, then faced, drilled, and tapped and used lengths of 3/8-24 threaded rod to attach the ball joints. Many other ways to do it, that's just what I did. Looking back on it, rod ends would be stronger (much larger load bearing surface) and likely last much longer, but I can still replace mine quickly and cheaply when the time comes.
  4. cooperlacy

    PTO return spring location

    Thanks for the info. I did just read that post about the spring inside the bell and was curious if that would help and should be easy to do. I might consider playing with that. My wife uses the tractor for mowing just as much as I do and I'd feel a little more comfortable having it working properly if something were to happen. It's not really a big deal for me and I've been using it for 7 or 8 years this way, but when I use the snow thrower it takes forever to stop spinning which could cause a potentially dangerous condition. I'm sure even when it was new, the brake didn't stop all the spinning mass of the snow thrower very quickly. On on a side note, I recently refreshed my father's Honda HT3813 mower and I really like its mechanical PTO brake set-up. Nice design that stops anything immediately.
  5. cooperlacy

    PTO return spring location

    So I still can't get the brake to actually do much of anything. I've adjusted it per the manual, but it just seems like there's too much slop in all the joints. All snap rings on the PTO are good and everything appears to be where it should. I'm almost considering drilling out all pivot points and installing bronze bushings. Is that a crazy idea?
  6. cooperlacy

    PTO return spring location

    Thanks, I live about 20 miles east of Lafayette. My 417-8 was repowered with a Kohler Command CH18 by the previous owner. All the electrical was gutted at the time and I just found the bracket (no spring) in a box of spare parts while I was going through the tractor and checking/replacing wear items.
  7. Is this the correct position for the PTO return spring (PTO brake engagement)? When I got my '86 417-8 it didn't have any spring and I've been using it for years this way. The parts diagram isn't very clear and I haven't found any definitive pictures from my searching. I've attached it to the cotter pin that goes through the PTO rod and the other end to the bottom hole of the relay/belt guard bracket. I appear to be having trouble uploading the picture from my phone so will try to add that later. Thanks, Cooper