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  1. srose3070

    84' WorkHorse Update

    It is a can job. They have actual Tractor and Implement paint at CarQuest in most any color you want. You have to use their etching primer as you would with any enamel. Works and lays just like from a spray gun. Extremely cheap as well. If anyone is interested let me know I'll provide info as requested. Thanks for the cudos. I really enjoyed this project and can't wiat for the 70' Electro 12 I have in waiting.
  2. I figured I would post an update to the progress of the 84' WorkHorse. I have almost completed the restore. I know it is not the factory colors but I hate Gray. I am including some before and after shots. The only thing I lack now is my tires for the back. i wnated to express my appreciation to you for your help during this process. I had to do ALOT of work and you have been a great resource for me. Thanks again!! Before: After:
  3. Thanks a BUNCH I knew that belt would be too long. I appreciate it.
  4. I first want to thank you all for the help so far. I again have another question. I am currently working on this 84' Workhorse (I know the colors are not right but I hate gray). I now have it running and actually mowed with it today . The tractor runs GREAT and drives like a new one and I am very happy with the results so far. I got the whole yard mowed and the deck drive belt broke. I can't find the part number at TORO's website for the belt. The model number for the Tractor is A1-16B801 which is a 84' GT-1600 with a 42" deck. I have a 48" deck on the tractor. The part number I found, on EBay, was 1594. This is for a 48" side discharge (What I have). It also says it is a 107" belt. So Here is the quandry I took a piece of wire and ran it through the belt path and came up with about 100" so now I am totally confused as to what I need to buy. I am unsure if the 107" will work. If you can help me with a part number or location to buy the belt I will be, once again, in your debt. Thanks Here is the tractor Here is the PTO I am sure you do not need this but here it is anyway
  5. srose3070

    84' Workhorse Update

    I appreciate it alot. I do kind of wish I had went with the gray but I guess I'll stick with the red. It has a home from now on . I will be putting on the decals for a Workhorse and I am still trying to find a seat I like. I got tires for the back coming. I have the mower deck off and am in the process of blasting it and hope to have it on soon (honey doo list keeps getting in the way . Here is my next project as soon as I get the Workhorse finished... As you can see the deck is in bad need of some welding. I have a new wire welder and it looks like I am going to need it. The K301 runs just fine now and the transmission and hydraulic deck seem to be ok as well. I bought a pedal off Ebay as the one in the picture is broken. I have since put that on and replaced the head gasket (Come to find out the bolts were loose) I will update as soon as I am able. You know gardening season in NC starts soon and I get to plow and disc and till "oh my". Thanks again for the kind words I think I have found a nice hobby to keep me out of my wife's hair at least that is what she tells me :thumbs:
  6. First of all I want to thank all the members who helped me with all the technical questions. The Workhorse is well under way now and I am happy to say it is back on the ground now. The engine runs perfect and the transmission works flawlessly (Due to all the help received). I am including a few pictures of the project as it stands now. I am currently in the process of painting the mower deck so that is not installed yet. I also am waiting on a new seat and new back tires. This is the hood when I got it. Chassis during teardown. Well here are the afters... I know it is not original gray but I don't like Gray but I do like red. Its not perfect by any means but I am satisfied with my first complete restore project. Again thanks for all the help.
  7. srose3070

    Lubricant Question

    Well the Transmission for my 84' Workhorse is finally ready. I will install, Lord Willing, this weekend. I have a question on the lubricant type. It takes 90# I am pretty sure. I have a lubricant chart and it only gives T-1, T-2 and so on and the type of luibricant with each. I am unsure as to what type (T-1, T-2...) the Workhorse with the 8 speed hi/lo is. There are only as couple of choices that match my transmission and both are 90# one is 90#EP and the other is 90#API? Any help appreciated as always. Thanks a bunch
  8. srose3070

    DextronII or Motor Oil

    Thank you both for the input. I will leave as is and change the fluid for now. I appreciate the specs.
  9. srose3070

    DextronII or Motor Oil

    Sounds like good advice.
  10. srose3070

    DextronII or Motor Oil

    I want to say thanks for all the help so far. The restore on the Workhorse is at a standstill until parts come (Transmission Seals), it should be this week. The Electro 12 is also awaiting parts (Head Gasket). I wondered while I am waiting I would ask a question in reference to the type fluid that the Electro 12 uses. It has Transmission fluid in it now pretty clean actually:) I have heard you can use motor oil and that the newer ones (After 72') did use motor oil. I remember reading you had to flush the system completely I am unsure as how to do this. It said in the literature the whole system had to be flushed before making the change. I gues my question would be is there an advantage to changing the type fluid to oil and if so what type 10w/40 20w/50? Also the process of flushing the system would be of particular interest. Any input would be appreciated on this as I am not sure how or if I should proceed with this change. Whew that was a mouthful. Does anyone have the torque specs for a K301 cylinder head? Thanks any help would be appreciated.
  11. srose3070

    Electro 12 Hydro Issue

    Thanks I'll try to clean it out it had a ton of dirt in the toolbox area. I am currently restoring an 84 Workhorse and consequently the work area is taken as I have the tranny out of it. I plan on doing a restore on this one as well but wanted to get it running so I could move it around. If I put two in the stall I would probably have to leave home as my wife would not be happy
  12. First of all I would like to say I appreciate all the help so far and if I can be of help to anyone please do not hesitate to ask. I have an issue with an Electro 12 I just bought. It is in fair shape, a bit rusty, and the engine (K301) seems to run just fine after a good carb cleansing. The problem is this when I put the gear selectoe in reverse it seems to be weak and will not back up an incline of any sort. It will go forward fine. I have not had the tractor running very long (actually yesterday) and I haven't had time to even get it to operating temp yet. The transmission does not make any noise and seems to be fine otherwise. I can find no leaks and the deck raises and lowers ok as well. I was wondering if it is possible it could be low on fluid (I hope). I also wondered where I check the level and if I should change it to see if thais helps. I assume it takes Auotmatic Transmission Dextron II but am not sure as I have heard several opinions from repair shop. If anyone can help I would certainly appreciate it.
  13. srose3070

    Wheel Horse Electro 12

    Here are a few pics of the new 12. Side Panel Deck is in pretty bad shape but I think I can fix it. Here is a pick of one in progress Can't tell much about it but its a 84 Workhorse getting a new look. I know its not factory colors but I don't like gray The 12 seems to be a bit weak in reverse I am thinking maybe low on fluid in the hydro (I hope), Do they take regular hydraulic fluid? Thanks for the links I'll check them out.
  14. srose3070

    Wheel Horse Electro 12

    Well I finally got the Electro 12. The engine runs a bit rough, needs card rebuild. From the smell of old gas there is no wonder.The Hydro and the deck lift work flawlessy I am absolutely, as my dad used to say, tickled pink. I will have a ball restoring this one. I found out the pedal was there,it was broken at the rod. It simply moves the drive actuator back to neutral. It does not serve as a brake as I previously thought. The engine does not smoke and has no, other than normal noise. The paint is a bit rough and a few spots are rusty, other than that it is in good shape for a 70' model. I would have taken pictures today but my media card in my phone mysteriously stopped working. :thumbs:
  15. srose3070

    Wheel Horse Electro 12

    Thanks for all the input. I really don't know much about about the new addition to the fleet' at this time. I am supposed to take delivery toimorrow. I know it does not have any pedals and I was wondering if it was supposed to have at least one and what its function is. The engine is suppoised to run (12hp Kohler K301 I think). It is in fair shape, I think, I will restore after the workhorse I am working on now is out of the stall (tranny in shop for seals). I like to restore these tractors and this one will be no exception. Thanks again I will post pics as soon as I can when I receive the little guy. :thumbs: