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  1. Just a follow up on this incase anyone has a similar issue. I sprayed the linkage down with PB Blaster and other lube and that fixed the issue. Pretty simple. To expand a bit more, here you go. I couldn't find anything wrong visually when looking at the linkage, however, thinking again about the symptoms which were: 1. Less stuck in reverse when I eased the control lever in reverse (slow speed) 2. Really stuck in reverse when I jammed the lever into reverse (fast speed) I kind of figured maybe the linkage was more dirty in the more extreme positions which were used less. So cleaning and lubing everything really helped. I will probably change the filter this fall and try to clean everything a bit better and get it slicked up real nice. Not sure if it supposed to be lubed or not.
  2. Good morning everyone! I had my 312H out for the first time this past weekend and the more I drove it, the harder it was to get out of reverse. I added about a quart of oil before I started (was just barely on the dip stick before) and as I mowed, it got harder and harder to come out of reverse. If I barely put it in reverse (where I was moving slow) I could shift it out. But if I pulled the joy stick all the way back where I was moving quickly, I would have to either hit the brake, or slam it in forward in order to get it out of reverse. I am beginning to think it was linkage related, like maybe something is getting stuck when I put it all the way in reverse. Anyone had a similar issue? What is the fix?
  3. Jrblanke

    Something else always appears after purchase

    I want the mower deck off of it! 😂
  4. Jrblanke

    Something else always appears after purchase

    Can you buy it, evaluate which one you want to keep, then sell the one you don't want? Also, be encouraged that you got a really nice machine! That one that popped up may have been a little bit better, but at least you got one!
  5. Jrblanke

    Best mower for 10 acres?

    I just sold a cub tractor for $2100 w/ a 60" woods belly mower. I was surprised at how cheap those things were. You can also raise ithe deck higher than a 520 would raise a deck, and even though its rated at 14Hp, there are 4 cylinders and has more gearing and torque. If you HAD to use a WH I think I would do some research on pull behind/wing mowers and then obviously you would want a 48"+ deck on the 520. To me, though 10 acres is a a lot of property to cut with something smaller than 60". I guess it depends on how much time you want to spend on the mower and how often you want to cut it. Here is a mowing calculator you can use. AT 4 mph and a 60" cut, you can do 2.18 acres per hour. S0 it would take you around 5 hours to cut not counting refuel time. https://www.landscapecalculator.com/calculators/mow Interesting question to ponder! I've never had to think about this.
  6. Jrblanke

    Making Purchase

    I think you did good as well! Looks like a very clean machine. The mower deck alone looks very nice. And as others have said, the garbage you get a the big box stores would still cost you more than that machine. Good purchase! James
  7. Jrblanke

    Rm 367 deck rebuild

    Where did you get all your bearings?
  8. Jrblanke

    Rm 367 deck rebuild

    Wow! looking great!
  9. Jrblanke

    315-8 Feedback

    My dad is also getting up in age and hours, but he can still stomp me full of mud holes and kick 'em dry. I guess what I'm trying to say is, just because its old and has a bunch of hours doesn't mean it can't do the job and do it well. I will also say this. Being that the 315-8 is a newer machine, I bet the deck on it is really nice. And if this past weekend's big show is any indicator, mower decks are not getting any cheaper.
  10. Jim, Thanks for the thumbs up man! Dick, thats the rare original grass option. Almost as rare as the WH hood radio! By the way, I missed you again at the big show. I'll meet you one day! hahaha. Craig, Thanks man! I hope to keep up with things on here a little better. WIth the little one, and several other hobbies, sometimes the lawn tractors take the back seat. Great seeing you at the show! Cleat, Thanks man! Yeah I was tickled to see that too. I've never had one with the lift.
  11. Jrblanke


    Just wanted to follow up on this post to let everyone know that the church ladies pie game was on point this year. Here is the pie report for 2018. I laid into those church ladies by 8:00 am opening the day with some shoofly pie. followed up by some blueberry pie. Delicious. I over estimated my body's ability to process the pie, so I didn't get my next slice until about 12:30 which was a lemon meringue. Fortunately, I thought ahead this year and brought a cooler and ice. So I bought a whole apple pie, some pecan, cherry, and egg custerd pie to bring home for my wife. She told me if I came home for the 4th year in a row without pie....I was going to be in trouble! Over all, my favorite pie was shoofly, followed closely by the pecan. Spent 19 dollars on pie this year and it was great! Unfortunately, its time to go back on the low carb diet!
  12. Jrblanke

    Shine them up Sunday

    Yeah Don, the GM nationals weren’t even this weekend! 😁
  13. Last year, my goal at the big show as to not buy a tractor. I was sucessful...until about a month later, when an 876 popped up in Richmond, and I caved. Drove up there and bought it the day it was listed. Well this year, my goal was to SELL a tractor, and not bring one home. I managed to make it out of the fairgrounds with an empty trailer, but as Van and I were eating some double R bar burgers from Roy Rogers in Winchester VA, we made the mistake of searching the Raleigh NC craigslist. I saw a 312-H that I recognized as one that was listed for sale last summer, but didn't sell. I had talked with the seller last year but my daughter arrived early. Even though the seller and I had settled on a price, I just never pulled the trigger. Well, I still had his number saved, so I shot him a text on our way home and I went and picked it up this morning! It's not nearly as nice as the one Terry just picked up at the BS, but for $260, I think I did well! The deck will need repair, and the seat looks like it fell victim to a grandchild with a screw driver. It also looks like it has never had a bath in its life. It's got about 450 hours which seems feasible given the condition of the rest of the tractor. I bought it as a non runner, but after about 15 minutes of tinkering, it fired right up. I don't think I'll use the bagger that came with it, so it may be craigslist fodder. I'm pretty tickled about it and can't wait to have a buddy weld up the deck for me! In the mean time, there will be a large cleaning operation going underway! Here are the pictures of it as I unloaded it off the trailer.
  14. Jrblanke

    What did you take home from the Big Show

    I bought a set of wheels/tires for the 876, a bunch of filters, couple of mufflers, couple of axle seals, Some wheel horse swag, and some SWEET 876 dash and console decals from @Vinylguy I managed to not bring home a horse from the show, but as Van and I were eating dinner at Roy Rogers on our way home. We made the mistake of surfing craigslist.... I’ll make that post later haha
  15. Great story! The WH community is a great one to be a part of! I’m so glad y’all had a great time! There is no doubt that Emory will remember this weekend for many years to come. Kudos to all involved!