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  1. Have you been watching "Funny Farm" again
  2. Digger 66

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    I'll play....
  3. Digger 66

    All Terrain C-81

    I kicked around getting a tractor for our trail work days but we have so many steeeep hills and off-camber trails , I just can't see how a 2 WD machine would work . Also nice to see you fellas wearing helmets ! Accidents can happen at 1 MPH just as easily as 30 . And good choice on the Kenda HTR's . AWESOME 8 ply tire !
  4. Digger 66

    Heart Valves

    No , but best wishes to you .
  5. Digger 66

    New forum user here

    Welcome Gary .
  6. Digger 66

    towing rig

    X-2 . That's an awful lot of torsional twist .
  7. Digger 66

    416H Throttle Creep - How to Fix?

    You just beat me
  8. Digger 66

    416H Throttle Creep - How to Fix?

    I'm not really sure but I'll take a stab at it and say the lever shaft probably pivots on a rivet that has loosened up over time . Drill out the rivet ad replace with a similar sized screw and either double nut it or use a Nyloc / aircraft style locknut . I'm sure the experts will have a better idea though ....
  9. Digger 66

    Got myself an anniversary present !!

    You'll probably make the paper....and not the funnies
  10. Digger 66

    Cleaning shop surprise!!!

    ....='s fast then faster !
  11. Digger 66

    Decal removal?

    Hair drier . Heat the surface from the rear so you warm the glue rather than the vinyl itself . Start at a corner and peel slowly while warming the surface . You'll get the feel of it .....
  12. Digger 66

    Thanks Terry !

    N I C E ! He does awesome work . He made the "502" Decal for my Can-Am .
  13. Digger 66

    Think it will work?

    I gotcha . I thought ( like me ) you run out of room to push the stuff . I have to blow my snow here in Buffalo's southern snow belt . And as stated below I would be seeking some way of getting the "mashed potatoes" to slide out of the bucket , be it a coating of spray oil or Silicone . Nowhere to push it when it comes this much at a time