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  1. sawhorse

    Toro to Stop Making Parts

    my guess is that parts will continue to be available as the market for them dictates. but the parts will come from china just like the late model volkswagen parts do.
  2. sawhorse

    Insect control

    The liquid grub control products containing the ingredient imidicloprid (not sure if i spelled that one right) are sometimes mixed with water and then poured around trees for insect control. This product is taken up systemically by the roots of the tree and into the leaves. Since these products are intended for specific uses, their labeling is very specific. You are legally confined to following the label, so reading the label will answer part of your question. The rest of your question is about cost per square foot liquid versus granular grub control. But the end result will be variable depending upon the weather and the time of year the product is applied. Ineffective timing of application of either type will be costly. My advice is to get some fresh product of either type and plan ahead and calculate the weather and time of year and application rate and you will have success.
  3. Bobby, That is an excellent restoration you have done. With those weights, chains, and that engine, you probably will be able to pull down a house or destroy that 4 pinion differential. You now have one very capable machine. Jon
  4. sawhorse

    V-twin Desiel or gas?

    The last time I looked on ebay for a diesel chinese clone of the Yanmar, I was looking at the 10 horsepower version. The seller claimed that a 10 horse diesel motor would provide you with the performance of a 12 to 16 horsepower gas engine. The diesel engine will provide you with more torque than a gasoline engine of equivalent horsepower.
  5. sawhorse

    plow for a 1986 wh 211-5 rider?

    If you buy the plow you will need additional parts to mount it to your tractor which consist of two metal straps (elbow shaped) and a mounting plate. And you will need the plow manual to figure out how it is mounted because it is not obvious. Diagrams are available on toro.com. The plow mounts on the front of the tractor but beyond that I am not of any further help.
  6. sawhorse

    Snow Plow Edge

    Tractor trailer re-treads often fall off and are seen along the edges of highways. This material is very durable and would make a fine snow plow edge for those who don't want to damage a paved surface.
  7. sawhorse

    Tiller Rebuild - Pic HEavy

    That tiller has seen a lot of hard use. It didn't look that bad on the inside but the outside looked shot. Very nice pictures and rebuild thanks for posting. The tines were worn down badly. Are there any new replacement tines available anywhere and what do they cost. :thumbs:
  8. Here is a picture of a subsoiler I built out of scrap steel and a single box blade tine from agri-supply: I made mine to fit a sleeve hitch. There is a seller on ebay selling a subsoiler like this that fits a 2 inch reciever hitch. It will take several passes and additional downpressure, be it metal plates or someone holding it down to make it cut in deep. Once the trench is cut with the wheel horse it will be easy digging to clean up the trench. Good Luck.
  9. sawhorse

    Bad Day

    My snow blade was from a c-160 and I ran into the same problem. My solution was to cut off the angling lever and all its parts. I have to get off the seat and reach down to change the angle but it doesn't bother me.
  10. sawhorse

    Seat Support Strut (gas spring)

    Advance Auto had the tractor lights for the front of my 1989 310-8 (fit many others too) last time I was in there. Thanks for the seat support strut tip.
  11. sawhorse

    Got it going!

    :thumbs: You might need to find a manual for the slot hitch hookup, but generally there is a cable that runs from the lower setting on your lift arm under the tractor to the top of the transmission where it goes through a short tube and is hooked to either a swing arm or directly to the slot hitch. FYI there are some nice ATV tires that will fit those 10 inch rear rims, but a pair of 2-link snow chains on those turfs would be virtually unstoppable.
  12. sawhorse

    hot peppers

    What kinds of peppers do you have there? I couldn't help but notice that the plate of peppers was on top of a wheel horse. :thumbs:
  13. sawhorse


    I bought headlights for my 1989 310-8 at Advance auto parts. They were labeled as tractor lights. The employees there knew what I was looking for.
  14. sawhorse

    I need help with deer

    I am guessing that eight foot high game fencing is not an option for you because you live in town. It appears that you have tried all the antifeedants and repellants. Perhaps a single wire or clothsline around your plantings or your entire property, with pieces of cloth tied on intermittantly, soaked with a deer repellant every week. But, like every other system used to repel deer, it is bound to be defeated by a determined deer. Even the fencing will not keep them all out as they are known to jump over objects in excess of seven feet high. Perhaps a dog such as a collie could be permanently employed on your property. If archery hunting is allowed in your town you should seriously consider employing it on your property. The safety zone for archery hunters hunting out of tree stands in New Jersey has been reduced from 450 feet to 150 feet this year. Lethal control may be your only viable option. Good Luck.
  15. sawhorse

    Stink Bugs

    Use a pyrethroid insecticide according to the labeling. Examples of the pyrethroid ingredients in products sold at the big box stores: Cyfluthrin lambda cyhalothrin pyrethrins (with pipernyl butoxide synergyst) permethrin note the pre-harvest interval on the labeling