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  1. Fire_fighter625

    1986 308-8 All Original!!

    1986 308-8 in excellent shape. Smokes a little and could use a starter workover. Starts and runs great. All original. Original deck in excellent shape included! $650!!
  2. Fire_fighter625

    image (26).jpg

    Wow!! Looking good!
  3. Fire_fighter625

    Lawn Ranger

    I went to begin tearing it down. I had to drill the pin for the steering wheel and now I can't even get the steering wheel off! I don't want to damage the original intact steering wheel. Any suggestions?
  4. Fire_fighter625

    Lawn Ranger

    Man, I hope you guys are correct lol. I got it home and asked what I got myself into. But slow and steady wins the race. I can't wait to get going on it.
  5. Fire_fighter625

    Lawn Ranger

    I'm pretty green to a restore this in depth. You will have to stop by and educate me, Lane. It's going to need a lot of work. Figured I'd make it a slow project. Wasn't sure if I got hurt or not.
  6. Bought a lawn ranger today. Almost wondering if it was worth the $60. Looks like it's missing a gas tank too. :/ idk thoughts from the pros?
  7. Fire_fighter625

    What Model Is This?

    Well, I tried to tell him where to look and I think he's just lazy.
  8. Fire_fighter625

    What Model Is This?

    Someone is selling this (asking $250) says it runs great. I've sent other questions to him. Waiting on a response. Any guesses what it is, thought maybe an 857 or 1257 but no stickers. The kid says he can't find a number (in sure it's there). Any thoughts?
  9. Fire_fighter625

    Someone gave it to me. "Wouldn't run."

    Minus a toothbrush degreasing and spit shine and air in the tires....that's exactly what it looked like T1257. That 857 is all original, as well. I'm in the need for a project. Yes, I am in the land of WH and honey lol
  10. Fire_fighter625

    Someone gave it to me. "Wouldn't run."

    I agree with all of the above! I couldn't believe it. My 312-8 was given to me as well, but I spent good money to have it 100% re-built correctly and bored over. I did have to by my 857 but I have $350 for it from the original owner. I have my eyes on a nice C-105 (not my favorite hood style) but it's in excellent condition. First gear is out so I will have to learn more of the transmission trade. Also, eyes on a C-100 from original owner with all original attachments and unopened snow blade in the box. It does help that there are a pleatora of Wheel Horses when you live in the state they were manufactured. And only 3 hours south of South Bend.
  11. Someone gave me this 308-8. I believe it's a 1986. All original. They said it would run, but I removed the gas tank and cleaned it, along with the fuel line and new filter. Removed the started and put new springs. Cleaned the carb and gapped the plug. She fired ride up. However, the starter sounds like it's grinding a rad and it smokes a little. For free? Can't beat it. Trees were growing from the seat when I got it. Put air in the tires one time since last fall. Great little find. The deck is in great condition, as well.
  12. Good morning. I saw ur plow for sale and i am in need of one for my 416-h.  I am up in kokomo, my name is richard mann,  

  13. Fire_fighter625

    1981 54" snow blade Wheel Horse

    1981 54" Wheel Horse snow plow. I tinkered to make my own pivot handle. Works well. Moves a lot of snow. Doesn't include axle bracket. I've been using it on my 312-8. I just need a smaller one for my little driveway.
  14. Fire_fighter625

    A beer and a Wheel Horse...

    I'm glad I have some buddies on board! I wondered if my video would play. I couldn't get it to. However, seems others can. I think the purring of the horse just takes me back to being a young child on my grandfather's tractor. I can't get enough and I'm glad to have you all with me. Also, I'm only 1.5 years in to being in a position to buy toys. 2/3 were given to me with the doner saying they don't work. A little elbow grease and know how fired ten right up. After their baths the other day and after cleaning the garage I set out my small collection in which I proud. This is what I have so far ...
  15. Fire_fighter625


    I'm looking for deck wheels for a 308-8 and an 857. The guide wheels, not anti-scalpers.