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  1. Pete Monteiro

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I"m looking for a good running Kohler Command ch18 to ch27
  2. Pete Monteiro

    project pud puller build

    You should have kept the 20hp Onan in it. Way more power ( torque) than that Preditor. I pull a 520 with the Stock Onan. I'm I'm beating on those v twins. Cant beat the price of those preditors thought
  3. Pete Monteiro


    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Pete Monteiro


    Tractor is in great shape. Appears to have been restored at one point in its life. Runs good, tranny is good. Seat is in great shape. Hydro lift pump does work but cylinder was removed. In search of a few engines. Kohler command ch18,ch19,ch25,ch27. Kohler opposed twin kt17,kt19. Kohler k361, briggs opposed twin 16hp,18hp .
  5. Pete Monteiro

    2016 WHCC Show Feature Tractor is...

    Awesome Raffle tractor !!!!!!! What a great Idea ! I would Love to turn it into a Puller. Cant wait to try my luck for it.
  6. Pete Monteiro

    1056 wheelhorse 005.JPG

    Nice looking custom Horse. Great Job !!
  7. Do you have any kohler 18 vtwins for sale? Stock 

  8. Pete Monteiro


    I"m looking for a Kohler k361 18hp single cylinder running or rebuildable.
  9. Pete Monteiro

    Fixing up the puller

    Now I recognize the tractor lol
  10. Pete Monteiro

    Fixing up the puller

    @tractor man .. I dont know if you ever pulled with us but our next pull is Sunday may 22 at 9 am. at Francis farm in Rehoboth mass. it is close to you. The clubs name is NEATTA we have about 10 tractors in that 18 horse class. Just about the same rules as the CT. and RI clubs. I have pulled in both clubs over the years.Just get rid of those kendra tires. They work great in those clubs but for some reason the Agg tires are way better here. Give me a shout if you want more info
  11. Pete Monteiro

    First run of the Year

    7 inch pulley on front stock pulley on rear end. I was playing around with the rear pulley but it is not a standard key way on imput shaft so unless your prepared to spend money and have a few pulleys made you wont find one with the right key way anywhere.
  12. Pete Monteiro

    First run of the Year

    25hp 4000rpm governed modified class. 7 inch front pulley, 8.1 mph. Stock rear end, 56 hp. Kohler Command. This was a nice start to the year. Was getting sick of playing with different belts and pulleys. I think I got it now. VideoEditor1 (1).3gp
  13. Pete Monteiro

    1976 Massey MF14 made by AMC

    Massey MF14 made by AMC. Tractor is in great shape.I restored it 15 years ago. i also have snowplow for it and a parts tractor to throw in as well. All hydraulic has three point hitch electric clutch. 14 hp Kohler engine runs great. Tranny is in great shape has hi low range. Looking for a fair condition 520-8 or would be open to other models and or attachments.
  14. Pete Monteiro

    520h disappointing

    Got rid of every Hydro I had. As soon as the weather gets cold they get too sluggish to push snow. Happened to me last winter with 4 hydros. If I were you I'd bring your tractor to the WH show and trade it for an 8 speed. Let someone else figure it out lol Everybody seems to love those hydros at the show. I wouldnt buy one ever again. They are pretty much junk in the cold.
  15. Pete Monteiro

    Anyone know where I can get a smaller rear end pulley ?

    5 inches on the engine is about the biggest pulley I can go without modifying the belt guard. I will post some pics tomorrow.