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  1. All the horses lined up in a row


  2. TrueRed88

    310 getting it done

    Got the drive all plowed out with the 310-8. Its a plowing machine!
  3. TrueRed88

    Dealer List

    One of mine has a decal from ****'s Mower City in Marion, Oh.
  4. TrueRed88

    16hp kohler acts like its going to blow up!

    I'll defiantly check it out. Thanks guys
  5. My 416 with the 16hp points ignition Kohler is giving me fits. It will initially start up and throttle up fine but not soon after pulling it out of the garage it gives me problems. It happens mainly when you go to engage the PTO or put a load on it, it starts running rough like and sounds like its knocking and begins to smoke. As soon as u disengage the PTO or idle the engine down it smooths out. Go to throttle it up and about half way it falls on its face acting like its about to lock up. I cleaned the carb, changed the points and set to .020, put a known working coil on it, change the plug, tried an electric fuel pump, took the hood off to try and make it run cooler. Idk what it is. I used it for about a 45 minutes the first time I mowed and it started doing this. I'm at a loss. Any help is appreciated!
  6. TrueRed88

    310-8 speed

  7. TrueRed88


  8. TrueRed88


    My new to me 310-8 speed mowing tractor.
  9. TrueRed88

    New Member from Michigan!

    Hey Seuadr nice looking 520 you got there. Did you manage to get any grass cut with that sleek machine?
  10. Glad warm weather is here so I can drive my tractors around my yard for no reason at all other then to give the neighbors something to wonder about!

    1. Nathanielperz


      Amen to that!! I do that every day lol!

  11. TrueRed88

    416-8 at the front of my herd

    My stable minus my 800 special. The 416-8 leads the herd.
  12. TrueRed88

    c-121 8 speed

    Not sure what to do with this one. I do have the correct hood for it. Thinking of pulling the transaxle and fitting into the 953 behind it. Or build a puller. Hmm or maybe build a puller out of the 953. Too many decisions and not enough Horses!
  13. TrueRed88


    My work horse tractor. The 416-8
  14. TrueRed88


    My 1965 model 1054. My grandpa bought this when it was a year old. Its my favorite one of the bunch. I just swapped a transaxle out of a 953 into it and still have the 953 rims and tires on it.
  15. TrueRed88


    My B-112 I picked up from an old lady. This tractor is no off road machine. It just looks at a little hill and starts spinning! Other then that its a super little tractor.