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  1. SgtBob

    42" Side Discharge Mower Deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. SgtBob

    416-8 tractor

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. SgtBob

    416-8 tractor

  4. SgtBob

    42" Side Discharge Mower Deck

    No it does NOT
  5. SgtBob

    42" Side Discharge Mower Deck

    Changed Status to Pending
  6. SgtBob


    If you post your location that would be helpful.
  7. SgtBob

    Wanted: 418-8 seat

    Check out the 416-8 speed in the for sale section. I would sell the seat separately but shipping may be a lot depending on your location. The seat has a couple cracks as shown in the photos.
  8. SgtBob

    416-8 tractor

    They are in fair shape. They are just plain with no Wheel Horse lettering. Make me an offer.
  9. SgtBob

    416-8 tractor

    I am not, sorry
  10. SgtBob

    416-8 tractor

    Rear wheels and tires are NOT INCLUDED in sale. For your consideration I am offering the 416 - 8 speed, Wheelhorse tractor shown below. Sale does not include the rear wheels or tires. I would be open to offers on individual pieces if you're not interested in the whole tractor as I would be willing to piece it out. I was told the tractor ran last fall but I have not had it running. It does have a minor oil leak.
  11. For your consideration is a "Brand New" twenty one year old 42" side discharge mower deck. This mower deck is from 1997 and has never mowed grass or been on a tractor. If you are looking for a deck in great shape you've found it. I would not package it to ship but would drop it off at a shipping dock if you make all the arrangements for delivery. Model # 78345 Please let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Looking for the piece that attaches to the mid mount attach-o-matic and hold the chute crank for a tall chute snow blower. Snow blower is model number 79360 In need of part number 32 in diagram
  13. SgtBob

    520 Onan Problems

    Thank you for your time. That's what I was thinking but wanted another opinion.
  14. SgtBob

    520 Onan Problems

    Just wondering if the Onan in the 416 has the same valve seat issues as the 520. I have heard a lot about the 520's but not the 16HP Onan. I would believe they are the same but would like someone with more knowledge to chime in. Thank you for any insight you can provide.