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  1. Is this tractor still for sale?




  2. Looks like a nice setup. Where did you buy the wheels from?
  3. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    Talked with foundry on Friday and as I said before it will cost about $1 per lb. to have weights cast. Would also have to factor in the cost of pattern.
  4. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    Bob, thanks for all the pics and info that you provided. I've got a meeting scheduled for Monday at the foundry. Just from the conversation I had with them their thinking cost for a weight of 50-60 lbs would be around $1 per lb. plus the cost of the pattern. After I talk with them I may decide to make my own pattern. Tom
  5. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    Trouty56, would it be to much to ask for a pic of the backside of the weights?
  6. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    Opppss, center distance of carriage bolts?
  7. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    Pics look great. Diameter of 6 holes, size of carriage bolts?
  8. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    Trouty56, go ahead and send me some pics of the weights.
  9. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    How far along in the process are you? Where are you located? Tom
  10. lawnboy63

    C195 wheel weights

    I've been looking for wheel weights for a C195 for some time with no luck so I'm thinking of having some cast. What I was hoping is that someone who actually has a set could take extensive pictures and provide detailed dimensions so that the pattern maker could replicate them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  11. lawnboy63

    Finally a 520 !

    Yes, Kwik Way FEL, 44" 2 stage blower, 48" SD, cart, 74 WH Bronco with 42" SD and 42" snow/ dirt blade. Could not wait to get FEL on.
  12. lawnboy63

    Finally a 520 !

    I've been looking for a 520 and lo and behold, I got one. (with a few small extras) Got this all as a package deal.
  13. lawnboy63

    Loader Value?

    Looking for some insight and value of a loader. model # 97-40Fl01
  14. lawnboy63

    Wire Clips

    Martin both the frame clip and sheet metal clips are exactly what I'm looking for. Both part numbers are showing discontinued.
  15. lawnboy63

    Wire Clips

    Here is a pic of the style I was looking for.