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    I got my first Wheel horse from my Dad who left his Frankenhorse (for lack of a better description) to me. Now Im addicted to them.I just love working on my Wheel Horses.I have three Horses, Dads Frankenhorse, a 702 and a 653. Life is good

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  1. Horse'n Around

    today's delivery ! 702

    Congratulations, that's a beauty ! I love 702's
  2. Horse'n Around

    oil drain plug stuck

    Im glad that you were able to get it removed. Dealing with problems things like that can be so frustrating and stressful. Just a thought, I always put a dab of anti seize compound on drain plugs,exhaust bolts,studs or nuts,and on pins and shafts and such as where the pin passes thru the trans where the hitch attaches. I got in the habit of using it while working on my MX bikes. On a bike the drain plugs and cases on them usually of dissimilar metals and or exposed to heat or lots of moisture.and I never stopped doing it. Depending on the part such as suspension I would even mix some with the grease too.
  3. Horse'n Around

    wife said no more buying horse's she had a gift for me

    That was super thoughtful of her. Its so great when a persons other half can not only put up with WH addiction but they also nurture and contribute to it as well. Merry Christmas !
  4. Horse'n Around

    Body fillers

    I agree with Bob, Evercoat Gold. In 30 years of doing bodywork it is by far my favorite.
  5. Horse'n Around

    Project CLASSIFIED

    What a cool idea. Its looking great !
  6. Horse'n Around

    Procrastinators Unite!

    Sadly theres no coupons for or ammo at least that's what she tells me. However I do have a plastic tote full of Oreos's of and 3 totes of Axe Bodywash?? What does that mean??? I have a feeling that it might be a hint that I might need to bathe more or something .
  7. Horse'n Around

    Procrastinators Unite!

    Im of the opinion that one must pace ones self. I mean, if I was to do everything I was supposed to do, when I was supposed to do it.... well one Id be extremely grumpy but in a larger sense then theoretically I could possibly run out of things to do. Not a bad thing if they are "honey do's " but running out of good stuff is a definite no no . What would I fix (mess up) next ? Which would mean Id have to find or buy more stuff to keep me occupied then all sorts of bad stuff could happen. Life is too short to run out of fun stuff to do Speaking of "stuff" to do.... did I mention that for the past 2+ years or so my wife Margo has become an "Extreme Coupon' shopper ??? Much of my "spare time" is spent building more and more shelf's and rotating can racks for the stuff she buys and then moving said stuff from one shelf to another across them room then back again for no apparent reason. We have a huge room filled with stuff. Seriously its like a grocery store in there. I call it Margo Mart , I guess that makes me the greeter. We even have our own shopping cart to bring in the "stuff" she buys Oh well, It makes her happy, but isn't that always the case ? My torment makes her happy. Thank the good Lord for Midnight Moon Apple Pie I bet you couldn't tell that my word of the day is "stuff"
  8. Horse'n Around

    Little Red Wagon

    That looks great Bob
  9. Horse'n Around

    The finished project 701

    Wow, that's a beauty, you sure did a great job on it! John
  10. Horse'n Around

    Mid mount grader blade for a 753 question

    That's for the help guys. Your lifesavers and I really appreciate it. Wingrider, your 8" tall blade got me to thinking and I think Im going to trim a few inches off one edge of the blade and make it 7" to 7.25" tall. After reading what you posted, I placed the blade under the chassis just to see what I would be working with and 2.5 " of clearance with the blade up is about all that I'd get with the 10" blade, and that's not nearly enough. We have really uneven, rocky terrain here and I feel much better having 5.5"or 6" of clearance. Mike, actually reading your post finally made me decide to build one and possibly make it fit mid and rear If I make it to where it will attack to the mid and rear axle mount, I am going to make it so I can interchange the 40" blade for the 50" when its on the back for a wider cut. Our place sits on top of a hill all by itself and the final few hundred yards of the road is steep uphill and winding with a good 70 to 80 foot sheer drop on one side. One of the times it snowed this winter I had to get a run at it to get up so I steered off to the other side and I was sliding almost sideways most of the way up. Yup you read that right....snow in Arizona I have proof.. I took some pictures Not much compared to back east and all but snow none the less All together we got a foot and a half of it. Three times we got 3 inches then the last time we got about 9" all together that day but the sun always comes out later in the day and it was pretty much all gone by the next day or so believe it or not. Im sure looking forward to getting it built and smoothing the dirt road to our place. Its all chewed up and rutted and boy oh boy it sure can rattle the ole kidneys ! Thanks again !! John
  11. Howdy, Im joining the ranks of those building a mid mount grader for my 753. I think I pretty much got most of it all figured out by researching past threads from fplks that have built them but the one thing I really need to know badly is how tall should a mid mount blade that's compatible with a 753 be? A friend gave be a sweet piece of pipe that has been split in half lengthwise. I spilt it down the middle again and ended up with 2 blades that are about 10" tall by 60" long and 1/4" thick . I cut one length to 40" to make a Mid mount and the other will probably be cut to 50 and I'll make a rear mount out of that one. My concern is that with a blade 10" tall in the mid mount position Im afraid the blade might be too tall and not allow me enough clearance to raise it high enough off the ground when not using it. It would be less than 3" off the ground when it's all the way up against the frame. I bought a late style attach a matic to put on the 753. If I understand correctly, the 753 didn't use a attach a matic originally so when choosing the location to mount the one I bought, am I correct in assuming that it should be mounted as far forward on the frame as the tie rods will allow? Thanks, John
  12. Horse'n Around

    Update on NyLyon (Dad)

    Megan, Thank you so much you taking the time to update us on your Dad. He's a remarkable and strong man. The Lord was definitely looking out for him. Take good care of him and yourselves. Don't let him do too much, before you know it he will be trying to sneak out and tinker with the toys Your family is in my prayers and thoughts. John
  13. That's a nice tractor and a Great friend you have there Lane ! John
  14. Horse'n Around

    Bad News and Good News

    Karl, Im so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Enjoy your sons birthday, your in my prayers and thoughts. John
  15. For your decals go to www.redoyourhorse.com. He's Vinylguy52 here on Red Square and he does incredible work ! Check it out. John