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  1. chip61

    Plowing snow on a GT 14

    City of Richmond snow removal has been terrible ever since I can remember. I thought we were looking for 2-4", but when I measured it at 4:00 we had 8", and looking at the areas I cleared for the dogs we have at least another 4". I was in Mathews earlier today and it was just a cold rain down there but as I made my way up the road it was only 15 or 20 miles and everything was covered. The further I went the worse it got. I'm pretty sure tomorrow has been cancelled. I bet the grocery stores have been cleaned out-nothing like a good snow to create panic around here-you'd think the world was going to end and no one would ever make it to the store again.
  2. chip61

    Vintage Trucks

    Old trucks are great I don't care where they are-thanks for posting the pics!!!
  3. chip61

    520H fuel pump question

    I need to get one of those-if my 314 sets for more than a week I don't even try to start it without pressurizing the tank first-otherwise I have to crank forever to get it to pick up fuel.
  4. Took the Automatic10 down to Mathews where I could put it to work. Pulled the trailer around to move a few things from the shed to the barn and the hydro seems pretty strong. Only issues are the broken park pawl and sometimes when I move the motion control lever to neutral it still wants to move forward so I have to nudge it towards reverse to get it to stop. I can see why the center mounted motion lever was a one year only feature-it's a little awkward. Not a bad little tractor!
  5. chip61

    Bad day in Wheel Horse land

    Yea, I'd say you're lucky! My wife doesn't complain about my tractors she just makes fun of them (claims they're nothing more than "glorified lawn mowers"!) I just ignore the comments.
  6. chip61

    just got a sk-486

    Sounds high to me-I could have bought a decent one a couple years ago for $450.00. I thought it was a fair price, but I just didn't have anywhere to put it. I regret not buying it just because the SK486 isn't a real common tractor.
  7. Thank you sir! Hopefully I will get it pulled down soon and I will let you know what I need.
  8. If I had any doubts I'm convinced. I'll just clean it up and address a couple minor mechanical issues-sloppy throttle shaft, and broken park pawl. I have an original style seat in pretty good condition on another tractor so I'll just swap seats and install the escutcheon plate I bought for it a couple years ago. Thanks for the input!
  9. I bought this Automatic 10 as a parts machine a couple years ago from an estate sale. Once I cleaned it up and got it running I decided it was too nice to part out so I parked it with the intention of repainting it. Well I got it out Saturday and after looking at it again, I realized it looks as good as the tractors I use all the time. I'm thinking maybe I should just clean it up and leave it as it is??
  10. chip61

    It followed me home! Can I keep it?

    Hey Machineguy-I'm guessing that was you posting on the Simple Tractors forum?? I got an Allis B112 about 10 years ago and I got a lot of good information from that site.
  11. chip61

    It followed me home! Can I keep it?

    I know this is off topic, but I like that Allis Chalmers in the background!!
  12. My intention has been to restore a couple of my Horses, but I have yet to do so. They all run, and I use several of them and I still want to restore my C160 and Automatic10. As far as storage, I have one at my house, an Allis Chalmers B112 and a Sears SS12 at my parent's place, 4 in Mathews along with a Farmall 140, and a friend borrowed my 310-8 last spring and I haven't seen it since! I have only sold one since I started collecting them and I wish I hadn't! I have a hard time selling tractors and trucks I guess I really do have a problem now that I think about it.
  13. chip61

    Field Day 2018

    If grass build up isn't too heavy I use compressed air too, but it's been so thick lately I have to use the water hose. I try to keep the bottom painted and I will spray periodically with oil of some sort so the grass will come off fairly easily. A friend of mine gave me some spray that he uses on his 4-wheelers to keep mud from sticking and that worked really well, but I forgot what it is called. I don't like cutting wet grass, but as low as Mathews county is it's hard to avoid.
  14. chip61

    Field Day 2018

    I'm sorry, I should have mentioned it sooner. It is sponsored by the Rockville-Centerville Steam and Gas Historical Association. Saturday was a nice day up there, but Sunday was a washout-got my truck and the two tractors covered in mud when I picked them up.
  15. chip61

    Field Day 2018

    Don't see many Allis Chalmers around here. There used to be one at the show in addition to mine but I haven't seen it in a few years. It's a real nice machine to mow with although the past few years it only does trailer duty.