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  1. bork

    Plumbing pipe question

    I havent heard that for a while, Chuck. But yes I've heard it... Dont fergit to put your pants on right! Yellow front. brown back! :WRS:
  2. bork

    New cutting edge

    I have a long frame, 42" wide blade. I bought used, in good condition, I flipped the wear blade cause it was just starting to wear the backing. So presuming I am the 1st to flip it . I just measured the new half, from edge to center of bolt. which measures 1-1/4" . So double that for the total width of 2-1/2".(when new?) Maybe someone else will chime in, that has a new blade, to tell you for sure.
  3. bork

    Rare white wall tires

    OOOOOOOOOooooooooooo I likey!
  4. bork

    K241 won't start

    Hehehehe Havn't been zapped in a while! Know the feeling well.! Now you should be a wake! I wished I coulda read this earlier also. I did all the same to my K241 , because it sat long also. I cleaned out tank & replaced all fuel lines & fuel pump & cleaned out carb/jets. Starting fluid is great for diagnosing also. If you can get engine to run on it,(start & some idling) usually indicates fuel problem. (just be carefull of its flamability)
  5. bork

    Plumbing pipe question

    The pex & poly stuff scare me. I'll stick to copper for now, unless there is a problem with the ph in water. I agree that 3/8 would get hot there quicker, but tell that to the inspectors. But who knows, maybe code will change some day, as the toilets did. BTW if you have cast iron waste lines, like I do, the pressure 1.6 flush still clogged up my lines. I kept the old toilet.(thank goodness) Took a while to figure out,(months of blaming my wife) but after reinstalling the old toilet, NO more problems!
  6. bork

    Plumbing pipe question

    Chris, just imagine the problems you would be telling us about if you had bought the Tecumseh Cimmeron Toilet instead of the Kohler ! Mike.......... PS, sorry I cant help but I know nuttin about plumbing. I really dis-like the cimmeron , old ladies cloggem up! I'd try to get your money back. Even the name erks me! Simmer Moron, turd, so you'll flush when mush!
  7. LOL Thats great! Camara does the old effects? Hit the turn faster & crack the whip!
  8. OK, been shopping for Carhartts. TSC has them 30% off now. But which models are best? I see 3 different types of linings in jackets. & the bibbs I see three styles. 1 Non-insulated & 2 insulated. One of the 2 is heavier/larger zippers, & lining higher in bibb. In the jackets, it would seem the silky pillowed lining would last longer than the pillowed lining that was made of some material, like perforated polypropylene? And are they really washable in washing machine? Anyone done this? Does the outside have to be rewaterproofed with something?
  9. bork

    homemade concrete wheel weights

    How much did the OEM steel weights weigh? Will the hub caps still fit with the OEM's on?
  10. bork

    Rare white wall tires

    That is awesome! WAY COOL !! I like the red wheels with the hub caps & whitewalls, but I dont see any in the indy pictures that way. Probably not factory done, but ya never know? There have been some corvettes back in late 50's & early 60's that have some special things done to them. For Dealers, polititions, stars, ? who knows? The lever they are holding, on their right side, is what? (must not be the usual pto engagement?) Is this how they applied the power to the tranny? instead of the pedal type? Are the Carlisle tires made in Carlisle Pa. ??? Is that what made the town?
  11. bork

    homemade concrete wheel weights

    I got a set from a tractor that had 12 inch rears & they are a tad too large to go into WH rims. The ol tractor it came off of, was a Lowes brand or Craftsman. Anyhow, I cant believe they are too large in diameter, to fit the WH!
  12. Do the slot hitches tend to break? If I use one of those adapters, that convert to a clevis type, for a tiller plow? Were the clevis type made because they are stronger Or just a different means of hooking up attachments?
  13. bork

    homemade concrete wheel weights

    Wow ! How much do the steel ones weigh?
  14. bork


    Sorry, but I'm clueless, whats the mod?
  15. bork

    Work Horse 700 video

    I know you love it! That rut is pretty deep from going in circles! LOL How many tank of gas have you gone thru? It sounds good to me also & looks quick in video. BTW, nice Master Craft. you in Wis?