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  1. willowbank


    Hi everyone, sorry to have dissapeared off the face of the earth, had another brush with the Cancer but fingers crossed, treatment completed and now "fit for purpose" lol. Unfortunately after meeting Stigian last year I went downhill and have not been able to work on my Raider, so it's still languishing and feeling unloved. I would dearly like to get it sorted this year and enjoy using her, but have to admit my skills do not stretch to mechanics, so could do with all help available please. I could trailer it anywhere, within reason, and happy to offer funds/ reimburse expenses. Ps Charlie thanks for showing me the Snow blade, certainly looks the part. Kind regards Rob.
  2. willowbank


    Evening chaps, not been able to upload any photos yet, will try again in the morning. Stigian, good to hear that you are in the area, I am actually nearer Tenterden. Thanks for the offer of help, may well take you up on that. Meadowfield, thanks for that tip, I dont actually have a welder at the moment but know a man who has lol. Charlie, you too are not a million miles away, many thanks for taking the time to put the photos up, she looks very tidy, I need lessons on this photo lark... I forgot to list that I do have a cultivator almost the same pattern as the one shown, could you put up a photo of the snow blade please, I woul;d be very interested in seeing that. Regards Rob
  3. willowbank


    Good evening and thank you for the replies, Stevasaurus, thanks for the woodruff info, the trans appears to be ok the wheels rotate when the shafts are turned, I have no idea what caused the breakdown we just came to a halt, no noises just stopped. Meadowfield, hi the hub was damaged around the set screw area,a segment approx 1" of the hub around the set screw broke off and I cannot find it although I found the woodruff key(s) two half round pieces of metal, has it been bodged by previous owner? The slot where the key fits does look pretty wide to me, but then I do not know what it should look like. Anglo Traction, thanks for the welcome, you are probably correct about the source of the 1" hub, he still has the other one. I am now concerned that the keyway in the shaft may have been previously damaged, I will attempt to get photos up, as you suggest, and see where I go from there, I will, as advised, leave the other hub alone. Many thanks all for your advice, Regards Rob
  4. willowbank


    Update and evening everyone, Well I have now got a replacement 1" hub (£50) so was ready to reassemble but nervous as to how to proceed so thought about taking the other hub off to get the size of Woodruff key I needed. Only problem is that the good hub will not come off, even using a puller, so I am unhappy about forcing things, any advice please on reassembling with the Woodruff key? Is the Woodruff key that is in situ stopping the hub from sliding off, if so what must I do about it? Thank you for all and any help chaps, great forum, would be lost without it. Regards Rob
  5. willowbank

    identification of model

    Thank you all for the welcomes and advice so far, I am none the wiser though as to how to age my Wheelhorse, for instance how do I interpret the chassis or engine numbers, does part of that number indicate the year of manufacture? I have noticed several different models being referred to B or C prefixes, I would really like to find out what mine is so that I can get hold of a manual but really do not know where to begin. Is there anyone in the UK or even in the south of England willing to give some tips on suppliers of parts ie Woodruff keys? Planning on doing some refurb over the winter and have sourced a can of Wheelhorse paint, so it. will be looking good next spring. All the best Rob
  6. willowbank

    identification of model

    Hi chaps could someone please point me in the right direction; I have a 4 speed Raider 10 and would like to find the exact model number for parts reference etc. Also the rear hub has busted, I have purchased a replacement 1" hub (£50) and am currently attempting to reassemble the hub, the woodruff key(s) appear to be too narrow for the slot on the axle and I am unsure as to the way forward, I want to avoid stripping the other axle to see how it is assembled as it seems to be ok. Is there a diagram anywhere showing how the woodruff keys should be inserted? Thank you for any help you can give Rob
  7. willowbank


    Hi thanks for the replies so far, she has a Kohler engine fitted if that simplyfies the aging. I had an idea she might be around 40 odd years old amazing really that she is still in such good condition. Looking at the damaged hub it appears that the set screw has somehow ripped off, its not there and theres just a jagged hole, I have found what appear to be two half moon shaped bits of metal about 1/8" thick by 3/4" along the flat laying in the grass where we stopped. Off to bed now so will catchup at breakfast. Regards Rob
  8. willowbank


    Hi Im a new owner from Kent England, had my Raider 10 for about a year now and really enjoy firing her up and mowing the meadow while the neighbours are pussyfooting around with their muffled Hondas etc. She came with a plough, set of 3 gang mowers and a trailer, I would love to find a snow blade but will keep looking on ebay for one suitable. Only thing that I have had to do so far was to renew the fuel line and clean out the carb, she runs great now. I have just encountered a transmission problem which I sincerely hope someone will help me with, she came to a halt unexpectantly and on looking I saw the nearside rear wheel (drivers left) had sheared what looked like a small bolt and taken out some metal, so no transmission. The power does not get to the wheel, I think I need the inner flange that the wheel bolts onto. How do I detatch the flange from what is presumably a half shaft and where would I begin to look for a replacement part? Thanks in advance for any help on this, a great forum, just wish more Tractor owners were in UK. One last question, how can I find out how old my Horse is, it is a 3 speed with reverse and has decals Raider 10 on the side but I cannot see anything else that would indicate, to me, the year of manufacture. Regards Rob