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  1. Sugarmaker

    My first puller

    WOW! I agree with all comments. That's a work of art! Nice Job Chris From another, Chris
  2. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    Terry, Thanks Again, I had a feeling the experts in wheel horse tractors could help out. The 662 is the trans axle that I have in the A-100. This time I printed them out for future reference. I have been busy working on maple equipment bottling honey and hunting whitetails too. Regards, Chris
  3. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    TT, I tried to use the link you gave me a while ago on the peerless transmission exploded view and cant find the exploded view. I get to the parts tree.com and some views but cant find this one . What am I doing wrong. I was considering seeing if I could buy new gears. for the peerless trans axle. Regards, Chris
  4. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    Sawhorse, Thanks I checked. Yes prices were good. Might be able to adapt one of these? Rick, Not doing much on the tractors right now! Wow you have a stable full of horses! Regards, Merry Christmas! Chris C.
  5. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    Folks, I know I haven't been on here for a while. Very busy with the other hobbies like Bees and Maple Syrup. May need your help again! Looking for a good rear end for a A-100 or ideas or a beefier rear end that might work in the A-100? We did some damage to the key and several gears in the rear end. Probably due to the loaded lug tires and some general ramming around preformed by Mike (grandson/owner/driver:)) Anyway we got a donor tractor (A-90) from a wheel horse collector in NY but the rear end is in worse shape than the one that we have and not enough part to make one good rear end. I would be willing to trade whats left of the A-90 for a bullet proof rear end!!! BTW I did get a set of small 6 inches rims from the A-90 that I could put tri-ribs on some day for the A-100. These have solid "bushings" not bearings in the hubs. Would that have been original equipment on a A-90? I promise to try to get on here more often! I really like that little A-100 and would like to get it moving again! (Shhh don't tell anyone Mike and I drug a CUB 86 out of a barn and got it running this summer too, that's another story for another forum:)) Regards Problems in PA! Chris
  6. Sugarmaker

    1976 A-100 Restore

    OTN, Looking for a good rear end for our A-100. I just got an A-90 with good sheet metal that I would trade. Regards, Chris PS: I'm not on here much so If you have something send me a email chris@mapleandhoney.com
  7. Sugarmaker

    a-100 trany 3rd gear only? problem

    Not sure that the transmission failure was not well in process before I "BROKE IT":) Anyway the Peerless transmission has had temporary repair of a broken key in the shaft that holds the three drive gears. So we are back in business. Still not sure if this little tractor will pull a lot, but Mike (lil-puller) has fun with it! That's what counts. Regards, Chris
  8. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    Guys, Spent some quality time repairing the A-100 trans axle. Seems a hardened key sheaared off in the drive line main large gear in the Peerless trans, I did a 'quick' repair on this and got it back together. Mike wants to try this little tractor at a garden tractor pull. So I added the weight bar we have, and it can hold 150 lb. I est the total weight with Mike is not going to be over 500 lb. Also took the straight pipe off re tapped the 10 HP block and re-istalled it to "tighten" it up. Rumor has it that a A-90 may be coming our way from a wheel horse bone yard in NY. Also in the process of restoring a Cub 127 ( 12 hp Hrdro) back to good working condition. Engine is out for boring and valves and most of the paint work is done. Lots of hours that Eric (son) has put in to it. It will look very nice from 10-20 feet! I will have about $1000 in parts and labor. (I am sure you dont want CUB pictures on here:)) Hey! Hope all the WH folks are having a great summer, we are! Regards, Chris
  9. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    Duff, I missed the news, and haven't checked my bees for several days. They were all flying on Sunday! we have 11 hives I think. Hoping for a good spring honey flow. I have to go get a swarm of bees tonight, near Conneaut Ohio. The mudding video ( which is not real good) was shot by Mike. He was using the A-100 as a mud bogger. I didn't get into that. He never got stuck though! Chris
  10. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    Guys did you see the pictures of the A-100 that the Ohio tractor nut did? very NICE! Our A-100 is a working tractor and may not get the full restoration treatment like OTN's. We have been using it to haul wood, about 8 cords moved with it so far and the lugged tires work really well! The 40+ lb of windshield washer fluid in each one helps too. Have about 5 cord of wood to split and haul yet. Hope all are doing well this summer with the wheel horses! The pictures on the photobucket of the couple with the bay is my daughter Stacy and husband David, and their first child Dorsey. Dorsey is a special needs baby and we love him to pieces. That's me; the old man sleeping with him. Regards, Chris
  11. Sugarmaker

    1976 A-100 Restore

    OTN, Very nice job on the A100 restoration. Great Pictures! My grandsons machine (A-100) has been put to work hauling wood and racing around the property and churning up lots of mud. Mike has had a ball with it and I really like the little tractor. We added a straight pipe and that 10 Horse is really snorty! We added the lug tires too and also dropped a longer belt on to the mower pulley and it really has some speed:) Regards, Chris
  12. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    Ok guys i added a video to photobucket, its the beast a-100 walkin through some mudd :omg:
  13. Sugarmaker

    what kind of horse is this

    Looks a lot like our A-100. Probably A-80? Seems to be missing the air cleaner. I was lucky and a friend gave me a nice air cleaner. I put some bigger tires on the rear of ours and it made a nice little run about. We are missing the deck on ours:( Regards, Chris
  14. Sugarmaker

    no horses 3 cubs

    porkchop, I like the 147 also. I have a 127 with no hydraulics. The engine needs overhauled. Wished I new you had all those decks. My son just repaired his deck on a 107, it was in bad shape. He still might be interested in a good used deck if the price was right? P.M. or email me if your brother has prices. Thanks, Chris
  15. Sugarmaker

    A-100 project tractor

    ol550, Yea the steering wheel and the seat were scrounged from my father-in-laws bone yard. They work! At this time that's what counts. It will probably never get to see a "class". I will try to get to the pictures next week. To late to start to night I will be turkey hunting in the early morn then off to Columbus to see the grandson and family. Took the A-100 down to look at the bees to night. I use it as my four wheeler since I don't have one:) Regards, Chris