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  1. catcher77

    New York to Nebraska

    Another Kansas City guy here. I am in Independence, MO. Donnie
  2. catcher77

    Snowco Trailer

    This Snowco Trailer (with tilt bed) was just recently restored, sandblasted, painted with tintable truck bedliner wheelhorse colors. Also has new wheel bearings lights and wiring and comes with spare. Missouri title in hand.
  3. catcher77

    Mower Deck Identity Help

    Could someone help me with a model number for this 36" rear discharge mower deck? I can only read 36M on the tag. I am need of some parts to get it going and need to make sure I get the correct manual. Thanks
  4. catcher77

    Snowco ''GT" Trailer

    I am starting a restoration on a Snowco trailer and was wanting to know if anyone has an idea of where I can get the decals for the fenders? Thanks
  5. catcher77

    Home made 3 point hitch

    KC9KAS Where can you buy the bearing in the end piece? Thanks
  6. catcher77

    Front Bumper for My Wheel Horse

    Thanks for the replies. I should have been more specific on the use of the rivets. I will be welding the rivets to the frame and using them as hangers. I tried Fastenal with no luck. Thanks again
  7. I am working on front bumper for my Wheel Horse Tractor and need some solid steel dome rivets that are 1/2" diameter, about 5/8" to 1" long. These are very hard to find. Thanks
  8. catcher77

    Any Tricks to Getting Head Bolts Out

    Update: After 4 days and a 1/2 can of PB Blaster I was able to remove both bolts without breaking them off. Like Martin said take you time. Thanks to everyone for your help. Donnie
  9. catcher77

    Any Tricks to Getting Head Bolts Out

    I am cleaning up and painting the Kohler 301 this winter. I was taking out the head bolts and they all came out except 2 ( closest to the exhaust). Is there something I can try to get these out before I break them off or should I just leave well enough alone. Thanks
  10. catcher77

    C-125 Rectifier Replacement

    Does it matter which finned one i use? Will any 15amp 3-prong work?
  11. I need to replace the Rectifier/Regulator on my C-125 (part# 109313 ), and partstree.com wants $104.87 for a new one. Any suggestions on a alternative replacement (brand and part number) would be much appreciated. 12Hp Kohler Spec- # 47742 Model- # K301AS Thanks
  12. catcher77

    Powder Coating

    It is about $10.50lb delivered.
  13. catcher77

    Powder Coating

    I buy International Harvester Red from Columbia Coatings in Tennessee. This is a good match and I normally buy 5lbs or 10lbs at a time. And as Martin said RAL 1013 for the white, they also have it.
  14. catcher77

    Need help with GT14

    Update: Success I purchased this GT-14 off Ebay a few week ago and it came with a 3 point hitch, snow plow and tiller (going to sell the tiller I have no use for it). The problem was it had a broken output shaft, just happen to have a replacement in the garage. The output shaft has been replaced and I finished up the wiring today (rewired original breakerless system). This GT-14 runs great now. Thanks for all the help.
  15. catcher77

    Need help with GT14

    Garry that looks like a fuse holder but is just a quick disconnect.