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  1. Aldon. Found all models have same #s. W/h- toro after market 1. Clutch plate. 94-6650 2. Oil seal. 6663. Skf 14810. Nat 343099. 3. Needle bearing 106769 koyo torrington b-2420.l125. 4 ball bearing. 109842. Timken 204rr6a4361.
  2. Hi Aldon. I have a 70 GT with the same setup mule drive, manual pto, 48in deck,. My pto just stb but don't know what tractor it came off ,. Need to replace bearings,seal, clutch plate, can anyone help me with a model, year ?
  3. gt14rider

    GT14 question

    Can do, I'm asking because i have 5 gals of dexton VI
  4. gt14rider

    GT14 question

    Hi All Can i use dexron VI in GT14
  5. gt14rider

    GT 14 Question

    oldredrider, Did wheel horse make another model with the same dash panel as GT14?
  6. gt14rider

    GT 14 Question

    Hi All I have a 1970 GT 14 it does not have a electric PTO it has manual . There is no switch cut out on dash for electric PTO. Did the GT14 come with this setup? All others i've seen have electric switch on dash and electric clutch.
  7. gt14rider

    GT14 Throttle linkage question

    Thanks KC9KAS, It's a work in progress. this is a great forum,
  8. gt14rider

    GT14 Throttle linkage question

    Yes the throttle lock works. My issues (to many to list) is throttle cable comes in from the left side. Cable makes two bens, Makes cable stiff. If it came in from the right only (one bend) moves smooth.Some pics of gt14 cable comes in from the right side. Don't have a good pic of proper set up. Got it with pto set like that, runs great,strong, atf in trans. Dipstick in front short 2" pics of other gt14s in back near battary,starter and is longer.
  9. gt14rider

    GT14 Throttle linkage question

    also can any tell me where i can get a steering wheel cap?
  10. Hi All Have a GT14 and would like some pics of original throttle linkage and gov setup. P/O changed motor and thottle linkage. also oil dipstick tube is not right. Any help would be much appreciated. Will post pics as soon as i get my son to help his dumba-- dad