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  1. Lagersolut

    314-8 Tranny problem

    Steve he has a thread in the main tractor forum " 314-8 drive belt problem " . He has the trans out of the tractor at this point but I can't make sense what all is going on .
  2. Lagersolut

    Onan P220 vavle spring tool?

    I love Amazon ( prime ) - whenever I'm searching for anything the reviews/ratings are right there and you can for the most part tell if it's working for other folks. 2 days it's here.
  3. Lagersolut

    additive in gas

    Royal Farm stores built a new store in Delta PA last year at the intersection of RT 74 and 851 - the pumps have an Ethanol free hose .
  4. Lagersolut

    Kohler CH15 muffler

    Does anyone know of any other muffler part numbers from other applications on this motor vs the $280 Toro wants for their canister style . I'm on my 2nd one ....1st one lasted 3 years, now this one is leaking around the crimps and cracking out around the exhaust in the front . It's the newer style with studs in the block vs the older pipe threads .
  5. Lagersolut

    Looking for Unidrive bearing 1526

    Checked Amazon they carry Koyo same part number for $2.75 free shipping https://www.amazon.com/Koyo-B-1816-Bearing-Complement-Rotational/dp/B007EDV9P6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1488629247&sr=8-3&keywords=b+1816
  6. Lagersolut

    Slow squeak and no speed

    Another thing to check is if this tractor has a " clutch damper" . As belts get old and stretch they can stretch past the damper cylinders travel and not fully engage . I removed mine .
  7. Lagersolut

    Where to get a New Headlamp Cheap

    Amazon has them for under 10 bucks - Free 2 day shipping for prime members Intella GE sealed beam 35 watts - 6 bucks free shipping - Just search 4411 light bulb .
  8. Lagersolut

    520-H Fuel Related Issue

    I had a newer craftsman weed eater given to me earlier this year from the new owner of the house down the street . Said if you can get it running yours free . After fiddling with it, realized the fuel pick up and primer pick up were off laying in the tank . ....grabbed a small needle nose to reinstall the lines they crushed and dissolved like ice cream ....after careful thought I realized the ethanol gas these lines were soaking in as this guy was going through his divorce did it .....unit was only 2 maybe 3 years old ....barely used ....figured the diaphragms in the carb may have been ruined too putting the repair higher than a new one ....scrapped it . That's the 3rd ethanol damaged engine I've encountered .
  9. Lagersolut

    AGs vs Chains

    I used chains over AG tires with wheel weights for years to push the D-way open in the winter - getting back up the D-way still wasn't easy . Few years ago I purchased a 310-8 with turf tires and wondered - how much better the traction would be " WITHOUT " the chains falling/laying between the lugs of the AG tread . The answer is 150% - the 310-8 walks right , up no problem . So now, both my winter tractors 310-8 blade - 315-8 blower have turf tread , chains and weight . 310 - 4 link V bar 315 -2 link V bar. I'll never do another winter on AG tread even with chains .
  10. Lagersolut

    Who's out in the snow today?

    Only ended up with about 2" of slush after the mixed bag moved through South Central PA - but it was enough to finally get me moving on my needed non ethanol gas run, chain up the 310 8 with the blade then scrape the D-way . First snow seat time of the year.
  11. Lagersolut

    Snow blower. Question

    I use wheel weights and hang suite case weights ( about 130 lbs ) off the rack for the grass bags with v bar chains - my D way is somewhat steep so going down isn't the problem....backing up and getting back up is .
  12. Lagersolut

    414-8 Restoration

    Mine wasn't quite as crusty as yours, but after I got it open it was lots of brushes ( wire and regular ) and brake cleaner ( Advanced auto had theirs on sale 2 cans for $5 at the time ) scrubbed everything on an old oil change pan to catch the goo and cleaner . Found 1 NOS 1533 bearing on the bay for 40 bucks I grabbed .
  13. Lagersolut

    414-8 Restoration

    You can get the open and closed cup needle bearings on Amazon ( Timken ) at very reasonable prices vs OEM - my rebuilt transmission on the C-101 has all Timken bearings - the cross reference chart is pinned at the top of this section.
  14. Lagersolut

    snow thrower assist spring help needed

    I " persuade " mine with a set of Channel Lock pliers .
  15. Lagersolut

    David Bradley suburban

    New to me - never knew David Bradly made a rider ....was only familiar with the walk behinds, Dad had 2 or 3 years back , it's what we made garden with when I was a kid and pushed snow .