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    My tractor was my grandfather's. It sounds like a beast! My favorite possession. I shed tears when I mow, because it gets dusty.
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    Seymour, TN Go Big Orange
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    Chemical sales. Wynn Oil company.
  1. Wynnsman

    Blade engage pulling down engine.

    Yes very much full throttle. I will check the belt. It's the same deck that's been on for 40 years so I don't think it's the deck. The belt friction may be the issue. Thanks!
  2. I have a 1257, I just replaced a pulley bearing the last time I mowed it didn't bog down at all. I mowed last night and could barely mow for the engine bogging. This has happened a few times in the past but last night was bad. The blades move freely and everything look and moves easy. Any suggestions?
  3. Wynnsman

    Need help with part #s

    Here ya go my friend.
  4. Wynnsman

    Need help with part #s

    Well I went to the local bearing shop, got a new sealed bearing for a whopping 4.00$. Put it back together last night and mowed like a boss! Thanks for the advice guys!
  5. Wynnsman

    Need help with part #s

    Ok great advice guys! This place is better than sliced bread!
  6. Wynnsman

    Need help with part #s

    That looks to be it. Awesome thank you!
  7. Wynnsman

    Need help with part #s

    Can anyone help me I'd the pulley part # this is off a 1257.
  8. Wynnsman

    Replacement parts.

    Great thanks guys!
  9. Wynnsman

    Replacement parts.

    I need a few parts, where's the best place to find parts. I need a belt pulley. Thanks love the forum!