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  1. wildman

    Engine for a B-115

    I told him it was his for the cost of shipping
  2. wildman

    Engine for a B-115

    I have that one it is setting on the bench
  3. wildman

    Mower blades

    Should be the 18 3/4" blades Garry listed they are 2" wide and they are available aftermarket
  4. wildman

    My B-115

    Your engine has the same foot print as the 11 that was in his rig and i do have the air cleaner assembly.He may have to come up with another throttle cable.
  5. wildman

    Mower blades

    May have numbers on the blade pull one off and hit with a wire brush
  6. wildman

    Engine for a B-115

    Take a picture of the air cleaner base and post it odds are i have it
  7. wildman

    Engine for a B-115

    Everything should interchange as long as your engine takes the one piece carb and crankshafts sizes are the same
  8. wildman

    Wheel horse 208-4 models

    The SB stands for single blade deck
  9. wildman

    Allis Chalmers 912H grading

    Got to love them ole Allis and Simplicity rigs
  10. wildman

    Wheel Horse 268H will not charge!?

    If this kohler has the plastic shroud then you need a ground wire from your regulator mounting screw to the block
  11. My 42" rear discharge deck from that era looked to have a tapered shaft at the top
  12. wildman

    Simplicity 4108

    That disc rotor should come right off its on a splined shaft
  13. wildman


    Don't forget the fire wrench
  14. Newer snowblower this one has the skids not wheels
  15. wildman

    OOps, 520H did it again

    I had this happen on a 417 found that the cooling fan fins disappeared