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  1. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    Well as of now the 522xi I was going to look at has fell through... O well maybe someday I will luck onto one. Thanks for all the input guys will definitely keep it in mind if I ever happen to run across another one
  2. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    Awesome thanks!
  3. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    That’s awesome! I have another question, do all the 522xi’s have power steering?
  4. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    I actually read some post about it earlier today.. sure would a a sweet tractor to get ahold of but not for the price lol.
  5. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    Thanks for the info and your input. If I do happen to purchase this 522xi I will also be keeping the 520-H just for all my implements, snow blower, snow plow, and tiller work. I have converted the 520-H to a rocker style foot controlled motion lever as I never liked the one on the dash.. they also said that the 60” deck had just been put under this one as something happened to the smaller deck so hopefully it hasn’t packed that big heavy think around all it’s life. Like I said thanks for your input I will keep that in mind when I go to look at it.
  6. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    Awesome thanks for the input!
  7. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    Thanks for the info, I will keep everything in mind. We have 4 520-H’s and 3 of them have the 60” decks so I know all about how heavy they are lol... This one has sat outside for awhile as it’s pretty fadded but doesn’t look to be beat up and abused.. Do you know rightly how many hours the Kohler air cooled motor seem to run? I’m going to try and go look at it this weekend so we will see!
  8. EricMassey

    522xi with 60” deck

    I’ve got the opportunity to purchase a 522xi with a 60” deck. It has just shy of 900 hours on it. Just wondering some pros and cons of the 5xi series, and roughly how many hours are the Kohler motors good for? I know a lot about the older 520-H’s and the 3/400 series wheel horses but need some input on the newer 5xi series. Thanks in advance.
  9. EricMassey

    1987 wheel horse 414-8 muffler

    I'm looking for a muffler for a 414-8 wheel horse that has the Kohler magnum motor in it.. so it runs parrall with the hood like the mufflers do on the 520's.. I removed the origional muffler years ago for pulling and now wanting to put it back and can't seem to find it. If anyone has one that would be great! Thanks!
  10. EricMassey

    FINALLY....The Holy Grail....I got a 520!

    I love the 520's as well! It all started when my grand father bought one around 2000. It is a 91 model and at the time it had 1,100 hours on the clock now it is just shy of 1,800 hours. Then my dad found one in 2004. His is a 93 model and had right at 600 hours on the clock and now it's right at 900 hours. So I figured it was time for me to join the 520 club and I just picked up my 94 model a few months ago from the origional owner. It has 550 hours on it and came with a 60" deck, 42" snow blower, and a 48" snow plow. Just put all new tires on it. 23x10.50-12 firestone flotation 23's on the rear and 16x6.50-8 v61's 5 ribs on the front! I've mowed with it a couple times already and love it so far! Possibly looking into doing the hydro foot control soon!
  11. EricMassey

    520h with 60" deck

    I have the same set up and recently put v61 5 rib tires in the front and firestone flotation 23's in the rear. It will still skid the front a little but nothing like it used to with the factory turf tires.
  12. EricMassey

    Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    Awesome swap! I'm wondering what size the front tires are and are they the v61's? If so I've been wanting a set for my 520-h but can't decide on the size. Thanks!